Calling All REAL Moms!

Since this post, I have received several comments and emails from other mom’s thanking me for taking the time to be REAL and letting them know that they’re not all alone and I do NOT have it all together either!  (Cause really?  Who does?)
The gears turned in my brain as I heard mom after mom chuckle at my “mom fails” and thank me for the little bit of humor in their day.  (Even though I wasn’t intending to be humorous… Isn’t it great how someone else’s failures and misery’s are someone else’s humor?! 😉  Totally kidding.  You can laugh at my life.  No biggie.)
And I thought… I would love to read some of YOUR  
If you have them and are willing to share them, will you?
Will you comment or send me an email with your “real mom” moments and realities in life?
Do you also live in your yoga pants?  Or do anything in desperation to get your kid to sleep a few more moments?  Anyone else have dirty diapers tucked into their side pocket of their car door?  
(No? Just me?….I swear I’m not “dirty”.  All the time.)
Then I’ll gather and post them so we can all get a chuckle in our day and be reassured that we’re not alone in this crazy adventure of motherhood?  
If you have some real mom moments to share, email me at 
Thanks for being real and for laughing with me (and sometimes at me), friends.

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