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7 Weeks
  • Had your 6 week check up and you are…. 11 lb 9 oz already!  Yowza!  Not only that, but you are 23 3/4 inches.  That’s 4 inches you have grown in SIX WEEKS.  What the heck, little dude?  Slow down a little, eh?
  • We have joked (but we’re pretty serious) that you are going to be just like daddy and his “little” brother Logan…that you will be the younger but bigger brother.  šŸ™‚  I have a feeling you will outgrow Ezekiel before too long.
  • Your midwife, Susie, noted that you have a very strong neck for being so young!  I told her, both my boys have freakish Anderson strength and have held up their heads within a couple days of birth.  
  • At 6 weeks, mommy checked in at 130 lbs.  5-6 more pounds to go to pre-pregnancy weight!  BUT… lots of toning.  Oh boy, lots of toning.  And also.  I think my hips have permanently spread.  Or got stuck.  šŸ™  Even with losing almost all the weight, I STILL cannot get back into about 5 pairs of jeans.  So I did some retail therapy this week to remedy that.
  • Your daddy was really happy for mommy to hit the 6 week mark.  For.  Well.  He just was.  šŸ™‚
  • You seem to like when I tickle your chin in my fingers.  You smile almost every time.
  • Mommy pinched your finger in the car seat buckle this week. šŸ™  I have NEVER heard you wail like you did then.  Pure pain.  Broke my heart.  šŸ™
  • I put you in some 3 month clothes to “see”… and they FIT!  GAH!  Stop.  Just stop.
  • You had your first stomach bug this weekend and threw up. šŸ™ Also broke mommy’s heart (right after I threw up, too, that is.). 
  • At 7 weeks, you STILL don’t like and won’t take a binky.  We are quite sad about this.  We feel you’d be a lot happier if you just took it!  But you have a really bad gag.  Plus, every time we try to give it to you, you just look at us like we’re all crazy making you put some useless piece of plastic in your mouth that doesn’t even produce milk.  Not worth your time!
  • You are sleeping so much better than Ezekiel ever did, in some ways.  Ezekiel really had to be coddled to fall asleep.   Lots of cuddling and nursing to really put him in a good sleep to where I could lay him down.  You like to be nursed when you’re tired, but then you like to be laid down still awake and you put yourself to sleep.  At night, Ezekiel would wake up every hour – 2 hours (up through 17 months!) to nurse.  You are fairly regularly sleeping from about 8:30 or 9 until about 3 or 3:30 for the first chunk.  You are sleeping in your cradle right next to mom’s side of the bed during this time.  Then you wake up for your first feeding and stay in bed with us.  Then sleep another 2-3 hours and then wake for another nurse.  So you usually only nurse 2-3 times at night, instead of like 6-8!  It feels insane.  šŸ™‚  We’re so thankful for this difference and your ability to put yourself to sleep!  
  • Every morning you take a good long (2.5-3 hour) nap on the window seat.  You love it.  And so do I.  You put yourself to sleep at this point too.  I lay you on your tummy to look out the window and you drift off to sleep within 20-30 minutes.

Love you, my Chubby Bunny.

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