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You are smiling SO big now!

 You sure look like your big brother in this photo! (See Below)
Zeek (1 month)

It’s safe to say that Ezekiel is still obsessed with you and just cannot handle not touching you during our weekly photo shoots!
He always wants to cuddle you and help me get you to look at the camera and smile. πŸ™‚
These photo’s will probably be a common practice for the next several months:

Asher, you are getting SO big looking in Zeek’s arms!

Annnd, his signature “smile”…. Wouldn’t be a photo shoot without it. πŸ˜‰

You little ham!!

Baby Babble!

8 Weeks
  • You are smiling SO much!  Every morning you wake up so so happy and just kick your feet, coo and smile for like an hour!  It’s so precious.  And it’s making my mama heart so happy to see that you’re becoming more and more what your name means: happiness.  It’s been a rough 5-6 weeks of bad colic, but it’s starting to fade more and more as each week passes.
  • Your brother likes to “talk” with you as you coo.  So cute!
  • You’re wearing 3-6 month clothes because you’re GINORMOUS!!!
  • I fear you’re going to be turning into your father… (In the sweetest way possible) You father was not what you’d call a “petite” baby, even though he’s a rather compact man at 5’8″ and 145lb.  You are looking JUST like him and the chub is looking like it’s going to follow suit too.  See what I mean:
Daddy and Asher
Daddy is 3-4 months (?) and Asher is 2 months 
  • This is fun for me to see you looking soo much like your daddy because Ezekiel looked a lot like mommy when he was a baby.  See?

  •  You are THISCLOSE to finding your fist.  You have started waving it around in the air the last few days and you keep smacking your eye with it.  Your poor eye is turning red from you punching yourself so much!  You haven’t quite “seen” your fist yet, but you definitely have found your face and mouth with it.  πŸ™‚  Ezekiel was 2.5 months when he found his fist, so you’re right about the same!
  • The last week or so, you haven’t done as well going to sleep at night.  You did AWESOME for a couple weeks, just being laid down on your tummy in your swaddle blanket and falling asleep.  You still do this at nap times really well, but for bedtime this past week, you have wanted mommy to just LAY there with you.  And once you’re asleep, I sneak away… but you always wake up in about 10-15 minutes crying because I’m not there. 
  • You sleep almost all morning still, which is awesome.  I go in extreme productive mode during that time and clean and organize as if I’ll never ever get a chance again.  πŸ™‚
  • Nursing you hasn’t been the easiest, sadly.  I am trying to research your “symptoms” and figure out what might be going on.  One thing is obvious – my flow is way too strong for you!  You arch your back and pull of and then cry in anger that you are getting sprayed all over the face.  We’re trying to work out the kinks in the process, buddy.  I promise we’ll get there.
  • You fell asleep instantly on Bopa twice in one night this past week.  He is now the Baby Whisperer.


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