Because He’s TWO!

So these are WAY overdue, but I was waiting on three things to happen: 1.) His colicky brother to mellow out and take naps (Asher was only 3 weeks old on Zeek’s 2nd birthday!).  2.) A sunny day.  3.) His awkward buzz haircut that he received from grandpa a few days after his birthday to grow out.  (But uh, thanks for the haircut dad!)

And, because you can’t have some goofing off when you photograph a toddler…

2 Years Old
  • You repeat almost everything we say now.  When reading a book, or just having a conversation with you or between daddy and myself, you just are always really listening to what we’re saying and repeating the phrases for yourself.  It amazes me with the things you can say and all of the words you remember, like the names of so many animals – even really unique animals, or how you pull a phrase out of seemingly nowhere and use it in the right context.  Like how the other day I was coming to check on how you were doing with your lunch and you said, “go away mommy!”  Not the nicest thing to have you say to me, but I was tickled because I hadn’t ever heard you say it before and you used it correctly!  🙂  Or when you dropped a toy the other day and said, “oh bother” just like Pooh says in the movie.  
  • You are in LOVE with your baby brother!  No matter what you are doing, the moment you notice that Asher is awake in the morning and is out in the living room with us, you drop whatever you’re doing in an instant and run over to Asher and give him a hug and a kiss.  He is the only one that you do this for.  
  • Not only so, but your little brother loves YOU!  At two months old now, he is beginning to watch you and you can tell he just adores you.  Yesterday he was laying on my lap and just watching you jumping on the couch and he gave you the biggest grin.  Or when you were dancing around the other day, he just watched you smiling.  
  • You are such a joy!  You definitely know how to be funny and know when you are!  You’ll do something to make daddy or I laugh and then you’ll laugh, cover your mouth with your hands as you giggle into them and exclaim, “silly Zeek!”
  • You are really into Sesame Street, Curious George, Veggietales and you LOVE yourself some Fox & The Hound. 
  • You love to play with anything that resembles any type of transportation: planes, trains, automobiles, buses, semi-trucks, etc.
  • You are OBSESSED with horses.  You love playing “farm” with all your animals, but you are especially into horses.  You like to sleep with your “lala’s” as you call them. 
  • You STILL hate baths.  Not just hate.  Loathe entirely.  You will play in the water just fine, but the second we pull out the soap or washcloth, you start screaming and panic and freeeaaak out.  Bath times are … awesome… around here.  🙂
  • You still really like shoes.  You like to root around in your shoe bin and pick out your own shoes for the day.  You show your opposition clearly when you dislike the pair mommy picked out that perfectly match your outfit.  Nope, you’re gonna wear what you’re gonna wear.  Just shoes, that is.  With clothes, you couldn’t care less what you are dressed in.  (Which shows, when daddy takes you out on errands and you’re in your scrubbiest sweatpants and raggiest sweat shirt.  And then usually those are paired with your adorable H&M brown boots.  NOT an outfit mommy would pick out if you were to go out in public with me.
  • You are such a big helper!  You always take dirty clothes to the hamper, put dishes in the sink or throw away garbage when asked.  Sometimes without even being asked.  🙂
  • You are sleeping really well!  You sleep great in your big boy bed and haven’t rolled out for several months.  You rarely wake up in the middle of the night, unless you’ve peed in your bed or had a bad dream.
  • The week Asher was born, you decided on your own to get serious about potty training!  You had been sleeping through the night, but that week you decided to wake up once or twice a night and call out for mommy or daddy to take you to the potty.  “Mommy!  Daddy!  Pee pee! Poo poo!!” you holler out.  One of us gets out of bed, strips your diaper off, puts you on the big boy potty and you pee.  Then back to bed you go.  So proud of you!  The last week or so, we’ve been doing “big boy” underwear around the house.  You’ve done really well!
  • You are wearing 2T and some 3T clothes, size 3 or 4 disposable diapers, and size 7 shoes.
  • You weigh 28.6 lbs!
  • You have 11.5 teeth.  An improvement from one year where you had ZERO teeth.  (Your first one popped at 17 months).
  • You are obsessed with blueberries still.  You’ll eat them by the fistful’s any chance you get.  You are branching out and also enjoying strawberries this year (where you disliked them last year).  You woof down sausages like it’s your job and any variety of soup like they’re going out of style.  On the mornings that you appear to be bored with your standard 2 fried eggs, you’ll gladly eat them if I heap on a handful of defrosted blueberries and blackberries.  RIGHT on top of your eggs.  Yum yum!  (Or something like that…)
  • You are so in love with your Bopa!  Every time we pass the freeway you holler, “Bopa’s house!”  Or whenever you are pretend talking on the phone, you always say you’re talking to Bopa.  You’ve hung out with him and been babysat by him a lot in the last few months.  You guys play horses, read books, watch Fox & The Hound or Scamper The Penguin, have tea parties (yes, you and grandpa have LOTS of tea parties) and play with the cars and trains.  Last week, we asked if you wanted to stay at the house with grandpa or go with daddy for a couple hours and you chose to stay with grandpa.  He’s the first one you’ve ever chose over hanging out with your daddy!
  • You have learned how to cross your fingers and give thumbs up recently and are SO proud of it!  You always say “mommy, look!” and show me.  Or you walk on your tip toes and are just the coolest.  🙂
  • The other day, you were sleeping in the car as we were driving back from a family outing and just a few minutes before we pulled up at home, you suddenly hollered out, “beep!  Beep!”  and you woke up in shock.  Daddy and I looked back at you and laughed and laughed, to which you sleepily smiled and said, “silly Zeek!” We’re not sure what you were dreaming about but it was funny!
  • Whenever you wake up in the morning or from nap, I always ask you, “Zeek, did you sleep good?” or “Did you have a good night-night?”  You finally caught on that I ask you that every time and now you tell me “Good ni-night!” as soon as I walk in the room.  You tell me that even when you haven’t napped yet, but are trying to get out of naptime.  “Good ni-night, mommy!  Good ni-night….” Uhh huh, right.  Good try little man!!
  • Yesterday after you woke up, I asked you if you had a good dream and you excitedly replied “yes!!”  When I asked what you dreamed about, you said “God!”  🙂
  • You love to do artsy things: play-dough, coloring, painting.  You also love to watch my work on projects, like sewing or painting or whatever else.  You pull up a chair to the table and say, “watch mommy!”
  • You are such a little observer like me.  I often look at you during play dates and you’re standing and watching another kid play with something.  This reminds me so much of myself, how I used to just pretend to play barbies with my older sister, but really I would be just listening and watching her play. 🙂  You do play well with other kids too, but I notice you just observing the other kids from time to time. 🙂

Can’t believe my oldest guy is TWO!  What a big boy.  🙂


P.S. I can’t decide what photo’s I like best for printing and hanging on my wall… Help??  What are your faves?

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