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9 Weeks
  • You ROLLED over!  Not even kidding.  At 2 months and 2 days, you rolled from your tummy to your back!  I was in utter shock when I came back into the living room and saw you flipped over!  
  • I drank a few glasses of milk this week and it didn’t seem to affect you at all!  YAY!  I think we’re finally *almost* completely out of this colicky stage!  
  • You get startled and scared so easily.  It makes me feel bad, but also makes me laugh because your scared cry is so stinking adorable.  
  • You went on your first walk in a stroller (which normally I hate a stroller and would usually just wear you) but daddy had the Boba in the car with him, so stroller it was.  And you loved it!  You were out in just a couple minutes.  Made for a nice walk with Zeek too, because then he could have plenty of snacks and water and a couple toys for the walk and we could throw them in the basket in the stroller.  You KNOW your brother needs snacks, so this was awesome.  šŸ™‚
  • You’ve been able to experience being outside a little more since the weather has been so nice this week!  I taught your big brother the joy of digging for worms and filling up a plastic pail with them, and you sat happily in your little chair for over an hour outside while we did this!  Was so fun to “play” with both my boys outside.  Can’t wait till you can really play with us.

This is a late post this week, since we had such a busy week last week…and that is all I can think to report for now!

Love you, my little growing boy!

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