Bye Bye Google Reader & GFC!!

As you might have heard by now, Google recently announced that they are going to retire their “Google Reader” and “GFC” or Google Friend Connect programs as of July 1st.

What does this mean?  It means you’ll have to find another way to follow along on the journey of this blog so that you can see when there are new posts.

I started using Bloglovin’ to read the blogs that I follow a few months ago.  I actually love it so much more than I love Google Reader!  You can easily see what posts are new from your favorite bloggers and you can mark them as read when you’re done.  You can sort by unread blog posts or by the bloggers’ names.

It’s a really nice clean and easy to read feed and much easier on the eyes to scroll through than Google Reader was (in my opinion).  I love that I can either log into Bloglovin’ to see new blog posts or I can choose to have one email per day with all the new blog posts listed, or an email every time a favorite blogger posts.  I currently have my settings to one email each day so I don’t miss my favorite bloggers’ new posts.  🙂

It also gives you the option to import your favorite blogs right from Google Reader so that you don’t have to manually enter each blog. 

You can create a Bloglovin’ account here (and can just login with your Facebook login if you choose to).

Follow along with my blog here.  And if you’re nosy curious, you can see my profile here and see what blogs are some of my favorites!  (Yes, I still need to import ALL my blogs that I read over there!)

What are other ways you can follow along?

If you don’t want to create a Bloglovin’ account, there are several other ways to keep in touch with me and get new blog posts!

You can “Like” my blog Facebook page:

You can add me to your circles on Google+.

You can submit your email address and get an email every time I post.  (You can do that in the right column of this blog. –>)

You can follow me via Twitter

You can follow me via Instagram.

You can try to guess what projects I’ll be working on or food I’ll be cooking up if you follow along with my Pinterest

And if you STILL haven’t had enough of me, well.  Mercy.  Lord, help you.


Thanks for following along on this journey with me.


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