J is for…

 Your two month old photo that I never posted! Whoops!

Grandpa and you at his birthday dinner.

My boys. šŸ™‚

10 Weeks
  • I’m pretty sure you are completely out of your colic stage now.  I tried drinking milk a couple weeks ago and have had about 5 glasses now and it hasn’t seem to affected you at all! yay!
  • I have mostly stopped giving your probiotics too.  Mostly because I forget and mostly because you seem just fine without it.  I know it’s still good for you, so I give it to you when I remember.
  • I’ve given up trying to give you a pacifier.  You give me the craziest look whenever I try and I’m sure you’ve deemed it completely worthless because nothing comes out of it.  
  • You like to self soothe with your fist though.  All through the night (and during some naptime’s as you’re putting yourself to sleep) I hear you sucking intensely on your fist.  šŸ™‚  Not sure how I feel about this habit, but I’m glad you can and like to put yourself to sleep so I’m not going to worry about it for now…
  • It is so hard for me to remember (and so against my mothering nature) that you not only like, but really PREFER me to just lay you in your cradle awake and let you put your sleep.  This would never in a million years have happened with Zeek.  When you’re fussy and I try to coddle you to sleep, I have to remind myself that I’m probably actually making it worse for you and keeping you up and you really do want me to just stop touching you.  So weird.  But I hear uncle Jeremy was this same way… 
  • Postpartum mommy still has about 5lbs to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.  If only I could put the cookies down.  *ahem*
  • Mommy taught in children’s church for the first time back after birth, so you spent the entire church service hanging out with daddy!  He did so good with you and got you to fall asleep the whole time.  šŸ™‚
  • I pulled out the 3-6 month box of clothes this past week.  I cannot believe that I’m already onto the next grouping of clothes for you! šŸ™  You are long and chunky though and 0-3 month stuff is just too snug.  I WAS excited for the “new” clothes though, since I was getting a little bored with your limited 0-3 month clothing collection! 
  • I taught your brother how to dig for worms this past weekend and you sat contently in your chair in the sunshine with us for a couple hours!!
  • You celebrated both Daddy’s & Grandpa’s birthday‘s. 
  • You LOVE to sleep sitting up in our arms. You often fall asleep sitting up on my lap during dinnertime.  šŸ™‚  At least once a day you fall asleep like that.

Love you, Chubby Bunny.

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