DIY Ruler Growth Chart. Because I’m the last one on the planet to do it.

A craft post?!
What does this MEAN!?
Is life “normal” again already after a newborn???
Settle down.
This super easy, no time, no talent, straight-forward project has been over a year in the making.
When Pinterest first came around (has it been almost 2 years since I joined it already?!), one of the first projects I saw was this:

And I thought, “well, that’s fantastic.  And easy.  Will be done in no time with minimal effort.”
I went out and bought the board and penciled in the inch marks.
I told myself I would have it done and and hung in Zeek’s room by the time he was walking.
He walked on February 27th, 2012.
The board made it’s way into our garage and well.  If you’ve ever seen our garage, you will be proud of me that this project ever even made it’s way back out and into sunlight again.
Once Asher was born and Ezekiel all the sudden felt like a four-year-old in comparison, I remembered the growth chart and made it a priority to get it done before Zeek grew any more!

Like I said, it was minimal effort.
A ruler, a pencil, a stencil cut out (from my Silhouette) of numbers, and some black paint.
About an hour of time.
Hung up on the wall and admired.  šŸ™‚

I’m glad I finally got around to doing it because I love how it looks on his wall. šŸ™‚
Now time to mark it up with measurements! 

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