K is for…

11 Weeks
  • You had your first rock climbing adventure and got to “boulder” the wall for the first time!
  • You get ginormous big green boogers every night.  We hear you snorting and snuffing all night long.  We have to really work to get them out every morning.
  • You are almost too big for your small GDiapers already!  I can’t believe it!  Zeek is still wearing the medium and large sizes so we’re going to have to get him really completely potty trained soon, or you’ll be sharing diapers!
  • You’re so sweet in that you hardly cry when you’re upset/hungry.  You just whine, which is actually pretty cute.
  • You get scared SO easily!  Any loud-ish noise or sudden noise and you wail.  It takes a few minutes to console you.  Your scared cry is really cute too – I hope I can catch it on video before you grow out of that phase!  (Is that mean of me?)
  • You always look so serious.  “Serious eyebrows” as Gramma A. says.
  • You honestly sleep so much now that there isn’t a lot to report! 🙂

Mama K

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