Hi. And Easter, because I’ve been busy.


I’m still here.
Just had a really busy week.

+ Monday I spent the day doing wedding invitations with my sister.

+ Tuesday I did bookkeeping and then we finally did our taxes.  Which always take us 3-4 hours to do.  Yay.  (At least they’re done…until next year).  And finally took Asher in for his “newborn” screen test.  Only like 3 months tardy.  (Between a colicky baby and having only one car, this was not on the top list of priorities.  Sorry State of Oregon.)  Also, our washing machine got fixed.  GLORY!  Thankfully it was an easy fix and must have had insufficient power or irregular power and tripped itself as a safety feature to protect the electrical box/circuit inside… who knew?  So $80 dollars and 15 minutes later… voila!  πŸ˜‰

+ Wednesday I spent the day finishing the wedding invitations with my sister again.

+ Thursday I finally took a day to just catch up on laundry.  Which took ALL DAY.

+ Friday We went to my cousin Andrea’s Gender Reveal party…which revealed she’s having another boy (and a playmate for Asher! YESS!!)!

Plus, I’ve been spending any “free time” working on making a family organizational binder, which is coming along nicely and I’m in love with.  I sat down at breakfast this morning, eager and excited to show Skyler the binder progress.  He kinda-sorta pretended to be excited interested while he half paid attention in between watching some videos on Youtube of skateboarders doing extreme jumps…   So, you know.  He’s clearly really glad that I’ve been putting so much time and effort into it.

ANYWAY.  All that to say, I’m posting our Easter pictures now; waaaaay after anyone is even remotely interested in viewing them (except for probably my mother in law.  Hi mom!).  But here the are anyway.  πŸ™‚

Since our church we go to is on Saturday nights, we had all day on Easter freed up.

We started the morning with a hunt for Easter baskets for Asher, Ezekiel and Skyler. 

(This was a tradition we had growing up.  Mom and Dad would hide these like 3 ft tall Easter baskets for us around the house the night before.  We always knew this, so every Easter morning around 3 am, my brother, sister and I would wake each other up and quietly go down stairs to secretly look for our Easter baskets ahead of time.  Once we found them all and gave them a thorough scan through the cellophane wrap, we’d quietly head back to bed until a more appropriate hour.  Around 7, we’d wake up again and pretend to hunt for our baskets, even though we already knew exactly where they were.  I’m sure we fooled our parents every year.  Suckers.  Then we’d pretend to be super excited when we finally “found” them.  I don’t know why we did this 3 am pre-hunt, really.  But we did.  Every year.)

Then we dyed our eggs!  We wanted to try some natural dyes, so we used beets, purple cabbage and turmeric.  Then Skyler suggested mixing the turmeric and purple cabbage “dye’s” to make a green dye.  The beets was the only one that didn’t seem concentrated enough to give a very good dye…  But it was fun to experiment.  πŸ™‚

Then we headed to my parents’ house for lunch and the egg hunt.  (And mom hid more baskets for the grandkids, so Zeek had one bonus hunt!)

So crazy to see the difference in the egg hunt this year verses last year.  Ezekiel definitely isn’t a baby anymore!

And of course, had to get some photo’s of Asher at his first Easter!

Hope you guys had a great Easter (and week!) too!  We have some fun plans for this week; looking forward to a fun playdate for Zeek, and our monthly date (as long as the weather cooperates!!)


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