M is for…

Yep, you knew it was coming – mustaches!!  I’ve tried really hard to make Asher’s ABC book different than Ezekiel’s and have succeeded so far, but I loved M is for Mustaches and knew it had to make a comeback for Asher’s book! πŸ™‚  Unfortunately, Asher wasn’t as amused as Zeek was during his photo session… which made for slim pickings for Asher’s… oh well. :))

You can see Ezekiel’s M is for Mustaches photo’s here.

13 Weeks
  • You’ve turned into a little drool machine!
  • You now blow bubbles like it’s your job.
  • You are really starting to recognize Daddy and Zeek now.  When either of them comes and greets you, you greet them back with a huge grin.  You love the men in your life.  πŸ™‚
  • You have started slinging your arm around mine (or daddy’s) and holding on when we cart you around.  It’s my favorite thing.  
  • Daddy and I joke that you don’t have the many facial expressions as Ezekiel had, but rather you have two faces: really REALLY happy, and serious.  So serious.  It’s so funny.  Zeek’s eyebrow’s always gave him a surprised look (like Grandpa Miller’s), but your eyebrows always give you a serious look (see photo’s above…).  It cracks me up.
  • You are starting to scootch around more.  I think you’ll be an early crawler.
  • You’ve started playing with toys a little bit.  You especially love your Sock Monkey with the rattle head and your crinkle owl toys. 
  • You still scare really easily.  And I will admit that it’s pretty hilarious.  You especially hate the coffee grinder.
  • You still haven’t “noticed” your fists, though you definitely know how to hold your toys and gets your fists in your mouth… so I’m wondering if you did “notice your hands and just don’t find them exciting and don’t care to stare at them for 45 minutes at a time like your brother did.
  • Zeek still calls you “Adder”, so one of your nicknames has now developed into “Adder Bug”.  If we still call you this when you are 15, you have your big bro to thank…

 Asher, you are so sweet and precious.  You are mommy’s cuddle bug and I love that you just want to snuggle!  (Except for when you want to sleep, then you just want to be laid down!)

Mama K

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