I went to a mall in Portland.

On Tuesday, I headed to one of the many malls in Portland to hunt down the perfect shoes to wear for my sisters wedding (since I had already exhausted all options here in town.).  I entered the mall and started window shopping for a store that might have silver shoes fancy enough for a wedding but didn’t look like I was 16 and looking forward to prom. 

I felt as though I were in a daze as I glanced around and saw a reoccurring theme in almost every store front.  Wait.  Am I in 1987?  Is this a joke?  

Unfortunately, there was no joking about it.  It dawned on me that the 80’s have finally made a full fledged comeback.  Neon.  Lots of it.  Short belly baring shirts.  High-waisted shorts.  Busy patterns paired with other busy patterns.  High tops.

I wish I could say I was just walking around the set of Mannequin, but I wasn’t.

And let’s not forget about the Hollywood.  (He was my favorite.)

Especially this scene.

Point being: I think Hollywood did the window dressing for all of the stores in the mall.  It had his flamboyant neon flare bursting through the glass from each retailer.

I guess Portland now dream’s of the 80’s.  And no.  I didn’t find any silver shoes that didn’t scream 80’s or prom, or both. 

Please don’t let grungey, over-sized tee’s and JNCO jeans be next.


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