N is for…

14 Weeks
  • You are always trying to sit yourself up now.  We can’t leave you propped up against pillows anymore because you instantly pull yourself forward into a more upright sitting position and then over do it and flop over and face plant.  It’s pretty funny.  But also unsafe to leave you even for a minute!
  • I have been propping you up with the Boppy pillow to sit in and you do well in that without flopping over face first.  You sit there (usually on my bed when I’m doing laundry) for 45-60 min at a time playing with your toys, quite content!
  • I think our road-trip down to Tahoe permanently ruined you for your car seat!  You are okay with up to one trip somewhere a day.  After you are in and out of your car seat more than twice, you freak out.  Understandably too.  I’m sure you are wondering how long you’ll be stuck in there this time…
  • I’m thinking I need to go down to Grandma Miller’s house and “ghetto” weigh you.  (Aka, mommy stands with you on the scale and then subtracts her own weight to get your weight.)  I’m so curious as to how big you are! We DID measure you on the ruler growth chart in Zeek’s room and you are just half inch under the two foot mark.
  • You are now big enough to ride around in the Boba carrier without having the infant insert!  SO much easier to carry you around without it.  Plus, I love feeling you snuggled up against my chest in it.  🙂
  • You are really long and lean compared to your brother.  You don’t really have a double chin like he did and your thighs and belly aren’t near as chunky!  He also had really short and chubby feet (and still does!) and you have long skinny feet.  (Like your father!)

Happy 3 months to you, little man!  It’s felt like a blur, yet also feels like you’ve been with us forever.  I can’t believe that in another 3 months (which feels like nothing), you’ll be totally sitting up on your own and playing with your toys.  Newborn stage passes far too quickly.  🙁  But, we look forward to your growth.  You babies just get more and more fun and enjoyable the older you get.  🙂


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