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15 Weeks
  • Well, I *think* the car seat scream-fest is over.  We adjusted your seat so that you are a little more upright, rather than laying completely back.  You seem to like this much better, which makes sense, since you are always trying to sit up and hate laying on your back.  I also have been giving you a couple toys to play with the in car seat and you have been quite content for 5 days in your car seat now….SO, hoping this is here to stay! 😉
  • I can’t believe you are only 3.5 months and sitting up in your boppy pillow already.  Your big bro was at least 3 months older before he did that or cared to sit up.  You just HATE laying on your back.  You love to be on your tummy though.  But mostly, you just want to sit up and see the world.
  • You still sleep in usually until 10:45, so Zeek and I have the morning to ourselves.
  • You wake up SO happy. Even if you’ve only taken a really short nap and I have to wake you up to go somewhere, you ALWAYS wake up with a smile on your face.  It’s the greatest thing ever.  (You clearly do NOT get this from your father…)
  • Really, over all you are just a happy, easy going dude.  During the first 6 weeks of colic-hell, I half joking (but mostly not joking, after 3-4 hours straight of screaming) said to your daddy, “WHY did we name him Asher?!  Asher means happiness and this kid is NOT happy, even a little!  We should have named him something that means ‘miserable’!”  But now, you fully live out your name meaning.  Asher is a great name for you.  😉  When you were really colicky, I was reading up on it and SEVERAL people said that after a couple months of screaming, that their kid was the happiest and easiest going baby ever.  I hoped it was true for us and so far, seems to be that way!  Praise Jesus!  haha
  • I just put some 6 month stuff away that you can no longer wear!  You are “big” in a different way than Zeek was.  He was short and stocky.  You are long and lean.  Which means Zeek’s hand me down clothes fit you funny and at different times than he wore them.  
  • You don’t scarf food like Zeek did either.  You are a “lite” eater.  We joke that rather than scarfing a “steak and potatoes” meal like Zeek always seemed to do, it’s like you’re just sitting beach side, max-relaxing and sipping on a pina colada.  It makes for interesting breastfeeding, to say the least.
  • You are turning out to be spitting image of your daddy.  Looking at you is really really weird sometimes, because I SWEAR I’m looking straight into your daddy’s eyes.  Even daddy says he sees himself in you and it weirds him out also.  🙂 What a mini-daddy!

Love you little buddy!  Sorry mommy has been slacking on your ABC photo book.  I bet yours will be more timely than sibling #4 though… I’m trying hard to stay on the weekly time frame! 😉


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