Q is for…

17 Weeks
  • You have found your feet!  You are constantly grabbing for them now and holding on.  Mostly your left hand and foot.
  • You are a total drool machine and have been showing signs of teething, just like Zeek did at 4 months.  (Except none actually popped through till 17 months).  Wondering wgen yours will come…
  • Your thighs are getting so thick and chunky but your legs are still pretty slim, just like your daddy’s were (and still are!).
  • You are getting extreme rolls at your wrists and ankles.
  • You are always feeling the top of your head or rubbing your eyes. I don’t remember Zeek being so aware of his head or passionate about feeling it…ever!
  • You’ve discovered the blooming tree’s in our yard and have been loving just vegging in your chair, staring at the sun shining through the bright green leaves, and cooing at them.  šŸ™‚
  • You had your first visit to the beach this past weekend!


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