Holy Mackerel, it’s been a year!

A year since our wee little shop opened up.
It was spring break last year and I was driving home from Huntington, CA with Skyler and Zeek both sleeping in the car.  Around 4 am, the idea of opening an online shop called Wood & Thimble was born.
A year ago, I had a goal of selling *hopefully* one thing a month. 
A year later and having sold over 50 items (mostly Map Art’s, of course), I am pleased as a peach, quite shocked at how many of you like them, and humbled by your support.
I have literally had the best customers.  Ever.
You all have been so encouraging and fun to work with.
I have gone an entire year without a single complaint and instead, an overflowing of undue compliments, and only one Map Art that didn’t arrive to its recipient in one piece (boo hoo!  Lesson learned: buy USPS shipping insurance!).  I consider that success.
And I’m thankful.

I’ve had so much fun working on all of your pieces and joining creative forces with you all in order to come up with some truly unique pieces!  Not any two of almost 50 Map Art’s were the same!  
(In fact, one of my most recent customers had such a cool and fun request that I added her version to my shop also!  See it here.)
As a little thank you, I wanted to offer a 10% discount to you all!
Enter coupon code HAPPYANNIV10 at check out to save!
Valid now through May 31st.
If you have previously ordered something from our shop, THANK YOU for your support.  It means the world.  Check your email for a special offer to save up to 20% off of a future order!
For a one year anniversary present to the shop, I gave her a lil’ website up-do.  🙂
Thanks, friends, family, strangers, for your love and support.
You guys are amazing.

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