I got new hair. And the creepy thing I did.

For the first time in the my life, ever, I got a hair style last week.
I’m 27 years old.
Is that sad?
I have always had fairly long, naturally wavy hair.
Sometimes I’ve loved it and sometimes I’ve hated it.
One time, senior year of high school, I permed my hair.
I really liked it a lot, crispy mousse curls and all.
Then I decided to go all dramatic and cut it to my shoulders too.
And I have been fearful of haircuts since.
I get a bi-annual trim.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?
 My camp counselor buddy and I. (2003)
Senior Pic (2003)
This is when I was stupid cut off my hair the first time and had cutters remorse. (2004)
Kaily and I.  (2005)

My fuzzy Kitty! (2006)
 My niece and I at the zoo (2008)

 Zoo (2013)
You can see that I haven’t really ventured far from the long locks.
Being pretty a low-maintenance gal (shower, towel dry my hair, mousse, brush teeth, eyeliner and mascara and DONE!), I never could grasp the idea of spending more than 5 minutes in the bathroom.
Especially with kids.
And then I had Asher.
He likes to pull hair.
His big brother didn’t, so I never had that problem before.
So I started tossing around the idea of a haircut.
An actual one.
With an actual style.
Then, one day, while Facebook stalking browsing, I stumbled across a picture of an old classmate’s wife.
SHE had cute hair.
And it was one of the few photo’s I’ve seen where I actually thought, “hey, that’s cute hair!”
Then I noticed something better:
She had a similar face shape to mine.
And I thought, “hmm, I could make this work…”
THAT is when I became the creep who saves strangers pictures to her desktop.
Oh yes I did.
SO, for those of you readers of my blog who have been too fearful to say “hi” because you are “the creepy person who knows all about me from reading my blog for so long and I don’t even know you”, fear not.  
Unless you have a photo of me saved on your desktop, you are not as creepy as I am.
So say hi.
I printed a copy of the photo of my old classmate’s wife (did I say creepy yet?  Ugh.  Totally.) to take to my hairdresser.
Skyler, who was in the office at the time I printed, snatched the photo off the printer.
“Uhh Napoleon, do you want to look like this?”
I grab the photo out of Skyler’s hands, act like a know-it-all and reply, “duh, you have to take in a photo of how you want your hair to look!… I’m not a creep.  I’m NOT a creep!”  (The motto of creeps?)
All that to say:
I got a hair cut.
And I like it.
(I added the kids in here so it wasn’t one of those awkward “hey honey, can you take a few pics of me for my blog?” moments.  Which it still totally was.  I could never ever be a fashion blogger.)

(oh, I guess I should address my naked son… we’re working on potty training.  Enough said.)

And then there was this awkward exchange between husband and wife…
Husband: (trying to get into photographer roll) Ok, now turn sideways!
*snaps this photo*
*snorts to himself*
Husband:  Now everyone’s going to think you’re pregnant again!
Which resulted in this photo of my reaction:
Me: Do you really think I still look pregnant?!
and THIS, again, is why I would never be a fashion blogger.
 I realize that these pictures really are not that great of my new hair.
Bad lighting and poofy-ier hair than should be normal.
Also, I think my bangs are rebelling against me because of this post.
Total 80’s poof bangs until flat ironed.
Never before in my life (see above flash-back pictures).
But, they deserve a post of their own.  
Ok, for a low-maintenance girl, this post has been much much too long talking just about HAIR!
So, good-day.
Oh, and I’m NOT creepy.
I’m not.

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