R is for…

18 Weeks
  • We “ghetto weighed” you at Grandma’s house this week (aka, mommy stood on the scale with you and subtracted my weight).  You weigh…. 17 pounds!  SEVENTEEN!  That’s how much your aunt Krista weighed at ONE YEAR, you little four monther, you!  (I use the word “little” loosely.)
  • You are seriously obsessed with your feet.  As soon as your socks are off, you are grabbing for them.
  • You also love when I make fart noises with my mouth on your feet.  You love the vibrations, I guess.  Makes you laugh every time.
  • You are looking waaaaay big in your cradle… Time for us to think about getting Zeek an official toddler bed and making his bed back into a crib for you!
  • You are always reaching out to touch me, daddy or Zeek.  You are clearly a snuggler and lover.  You just always want to be holding onto one of us.  We keep trying to tell Zeek it’s how you show love.  Sometimes he’s not terribly thrilled with your method.
  • You are official in size Medium G Diapers now and size 2 disposables.  You can’t squeeze into size Small or size 1 if you wanted.
  • Your thighs have really filled out and are looking thunderous like daddy’s.  šŸ™‚
  • Your cradle cap is oh.so.slowly. going away.  (Fiiiiinally.)
  • You have discovered the tree’s and LOVE laying on mom and dad’s bed looking out the window at them or laying on a blanket outside under the trees.



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