The “Overall” Debate

My sister’s getting married in a few weeks.
Zeek’s in the wedding.
And he’s wearing suspenders.
I decided he’s going to have to get used to them so he doesn’t try pulling them off at the wedding.
And I LOVE them on him.
Hipster, sure.
But DANG, he’s cute!
Naturally, we had a difference of opinion.
As I tried to put them on him, he was whimpering and saying, no no no!
I nonchalantly told him, oh Zeek, you’re fine.  These are just your overalls for today! (Since he knows and wears overalls).
His response?
In the saddest, most pathetic way possible:
“But I don like dem overahhls…”
I think that made the suspenders even cuter.
(And obviously, I won the debate.)

He eventually forgot about them.  🙂

I really like dem overalls. 


P.S.  This morning, I got out the “overalls” again for him to wear.
He was just about to whine about them, but just then we looked up at the TV to his new obsession, Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, and one of the chipmonks was wearing suspenders!  The suspenders quickly became “Chip n’ Dale overalls” and he wore them excitedly!
Thank you, Jesus! hahaha

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