{A Year of Date’s} April

WOW, almost a month late, but we DID IT!  We finally found a time for our April date.  πŸ™‚  I think I mentioned when I first told you about the book that I left a couple of months blank so that I could find some fun last minute activities (either from word of mouth from friends or from a deal site).  April was one of those blank months.

I scoured Groupon looking for fun activities that we could do (with a baby).   I saw a deal for “Stray Boots” and had to click on it out of curiosity.  Stray Boots originated in NYC as a text message led scavenger hunt as a way to get to know little known places in NYC.  To give you little tidbits of knowledge about the city as well as expose you to some cool hole in the wall places.  Portland (about 45 min. north of us) had 3 different tours that you could do.

I jumped all over this one!  It was so reasonably priced ($12) and said it took 2-4 hours, depending on how quickly you wanted to move through things.  Skyler and I (and our adventurous souls) love this type of thing!

We went to our starting place…

And texted “GO!”

And off we went.  The day was gorgeous, Asher was napping in the Boba carrier and we had an adventure that made us fall a little bit in love with Portland (not enough to make us move there).

Here are just SOME random photo’s we took… (Can’t ruin it for any of you scavenger hunters that want to try it!)

First off…this wasn’t on the scavenger hunt.  No, the hunt doesn’t take you to the Loo.
But these are new.  And really funny.
Also really helpful.
Thanks Portland for being so weird and letting us pee right on the sidewalk.

This one was a clue that Skyler majorly impressed me with!  I read the clue and without skipping a beat just named the answer.  I would never have known the answer, even with hints (which you CAN get from Stray Boots.).  So proud of him and his random knowledge! Ha!

Oh, the famous Powell’s bookstore.
We had to go in and find our favorite section to take a picture in.

“Put a Bird on it.”
Then we took a quick pit stop in Starbucks (NOT part of the hunt!) because the day was so glorious and beautiful and we needed a tasty drink!
Of course, FAIL.
The drink was good but…

No one can ever (and I mean ever) spell Skyler’s name right.
It’s our ongoing joke.
She wrote it out and we just looked at each other, smiled and winked.
Skylar?  Really?
Why does everyone assume A when so clearly we say “SkyLER”.
Wouldn’t you assume er?
Just so you guys know, it’s SKYLER.
With an E.
This cool map was in one of our stops:

The Pearl District – where our scavenger hunt took place.
We had so much fun just exploring these new places that we’d never heard of and probably would never have known about unless we actually got of the car and walked around.
It really made us fall in love with Portland a little bit, where we never have really cared for it before.
Especially downtown.  

Cool waterfall feature that flowed all the way down the block, on BOTH sides of the sidewalk. 

We stopped to grab a “Little Big Burger” bite.  πŸ™‚
And then we learned about this amazing place, Cargo:

I could’ve spent hours and hours and hours in there looking at all the neat trinkety things and cool old furniture pieces.  It was like a plaza of imported, vintage goods.
 I told Skyler we needed to remember that place for Christmas time because we could easily pick out a cool gift for each family member in there!
Loved the different beautiful buildings and unique art that we saw on our walk.

The scavenger hunt took us about 4.5 hours (with stopping for food and feeding Asher a couple times too).  On the way home, I wanted to stop at this viewpoint, Council Crest, which I had visited LONG ago (like…8 years ago), and LOVED and couldn’t remember for the life of me where it was.  I searched and searched the internet for clues of what it was called and where it was.  Nothing.
Finally last week my friend posted a picture from up top with a caption of where it was.
She has no idea how happy that made me because I knew immediately she was in my favorite view point of Portland!

Asher and I, with a faint Mt. Hood in the background.

And the rest of Portland, Columbia River and Mt. St. Helens in the background.  
On a really clear day, you can also see Mt. Rainier.

SUCH A FUN DATE.  Seriously.  See if you have a Stray Boots hunt in your town or nearby!  You’ll learn about interesting hole in the wall places and have such a fun time doing it!  We can’t wait to do it when we take some vacations, too.  Portland has three different hunts.  We did the Pearl District one but are excited to do the ChinaTown, Downtown and Art Museum one’s sometime too!  These could easily be fun family outing’s also.  I know Zeek would’ve had just as much fun with us.

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