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19 Weeks
  • 19 weeks, almost 20?!?!  Almost FIVE months?  I was just saying to a friend yesterday that your infancy is flying by literally before my eyes and I cannot understand where time is going.  With Zeek, his infancy creeeeepppt by so slowly.  I think part of it is that Zeek’s face was constantly changing looks, and I feel like you’ve looked pretty much the same from about 3 weeks on.  So it seems like you’re still 3 weeks…just… fatter.  πŸ™‚
  • You are always peeking your head up and peering over the edge of your cradle when you wake up.  We say you’re “groundhogging”. 
  • I had you sitting up in your boppy pillow in the cradle and playing with toys while I folded laundry the other day.  I had the laptop on the floor next to the cradle playing some Pandora radio.  You knew where the sound was coming from and did the funniest little move-head-down-glance-under-your-cradle-bars at the laptop, staring at it for the longest time.  You were mesmerized by the bright screen that played music.  πŸ™‚
  • Zeek has been really learning about sharing lately.  He has been really into his cement truck and was driving it on the window seat the other day next to me, while you sat in my lap.  You just reached out and touched his toy and he was quick to say, “no no Asher!  You not play with my cement truck!”  I asked him, “Zeek, was that a very nice thing to say?”  He thought for a moment before gently pushing the truck over to you and telling you, “Here Asher, you can play with the truck”.  You touched it for a few moments before (not purposely) pushing it back in his direction.  I said, “See look, Zeek!  He is saying thank you for being nice and sharing and is giving it back to you again!”  Zeek grinned ear to ear and was so pleased that he shared his toy and that you shared it back.  He sure loves you.
  • Zeek always wants to play with you.  Some things, he can kind of play with you already.  He can show you his cars or bring your toys to you, and he lays on the floor next to you to play with cars.  But often, like when he wants you to ride his firetruck, I have to tell him, “he’s not quite big enough yet.  But he’s getting bigger!”  A daily conversation between us goes like this:
    • Zeek: Asher’s getting bigger!
    • Mommy:  Yes, he is!
    • Zeek:  Zeek’s getting bigger, too!
    • Mommy:  You’re right, you ARE getting bigger too!
    • Zeek:  Mommy’s getting bigger too!
    • Mommy: Noooo, what’s mommy getting?
    • Zeek:  Mommy’s getting smaller!
    • Mommy:  That’s right!  Smart boy!
    • πŸ™‚


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