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If you saw my Facebook status the other day, you knew we were doing our May Date on Friday.  When I made the book, I tried to vary the dates with going out of town, staying home, staying in town, dates with and without Zeek, dates without Asher (towards the end of the year as he gets older), and for May’s Date: a group date.

In honor of our favorite show ever, The Office, ending it’s long run in May this year, our date was to host a farewell party.  (We didn’t end up viewing the Final Episode at the party.)

This was SUCH a fun date!  It’d been a party in the making for quite some months.  I had a “secret board” on Pinterest that I was using for ideas.  Unfortunately, not many people in blog-land have had The Office parties, so ideas were harder to come by (especially food items).

What I loved about it was that most party decor and details were easy to do, being paper product things (printed off of the internet or otherwise), which is really ironic and funny since The Office (Dunder Mifflin) is a paper company.  πŸ™‚

I think this party deserves a post all in it’s own since, well.  It was pretty awesome.  πŸ˜‰

Here are some photo’s of us and our friends enjoying the party though:

If you can read in May’s date note, we were supposed to be Jim & Pam… but since cutting my hair, I just didn’t really feel like I looked as much like Pam.  So I just got dressed in any office attire that this stay-at-home-mom could scrape together.  πŸ˜‰  But a couple friends walked in and said I was dressed like Angela.  So I rolled with it.  So here we are: Jim, Angela, and Hannah’s baby boy-whose-favorite-color-is-pink.  

Intently watching to see if the DVD box would hit the corner of the screen…

Playing The Office trivia board game!
We had food, played the game and handed out The Dundie Awards and Nifty Gifties at the end of the night.  πŸ™‚

Thanks friends who came out!  I LOVED that our geeky friends were just as into this party as we were.  Everyone showed up either as a character or just in office attire:

My friend Maria with her 7 week old baby Fredrick, who is the same weight as my 5 month old.
Hefty fella.  πŸ™‚ 

Pregnant Jan Levinson & Michael Scott (with his Dundie award proudly tucked into his coat pocket!), aka Lacey & Justin.

Office attire and Darryl (my favorite costume of the night, complete with sneakers), aka Grae.

Office attire & casual Friday couple (Kevin & Christine)

Another office attire & casual Friday couple, Jayson & Stephanie.  And thanks to Steph for coming out, who doesn’t even watch the show!  That’s love.  πŸ˜‰

And I let my friends Brian & Britney sneak out without an actual photo, so here’s this one again:

Britney (in green) said her husband Brian (in blue) came home from work and exclaimed, “oh good, you decided to dress up like Phyllis afterall!”  Her response, “no, I’m just an office worker….” HAHA.  Ok, she doesn’t LOOK like Phyllis, but her outfit was definitely something Phyllis could’ve worn: nice blouse with scarfy thing, cardigan, pearl necklace and black glasses hanging off the cardigan and black slacks… She was a sport and let us all call her Phyllis for the night.
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