U is for…

21 Weeks
  • Yes, I did “U is for Underwear” for your brother too… but I couldn’t help it.  So Calvin Klein! πŸ˜‰
  • You got to meet your Uncle Jeremy & Aunt Shannon finally!
  • You were in your Aunt Krista’s wedding (no big job, just were carried down the aisle by your daddy. :))
  • You wet the bed almost every night, no matter what type of diaper you are wearing.  You are just a big pee-er I guess. hah.
  • You still sleep most of the mornings, but your awake time between first waking up and your morning nap is getting longer.  You usually wake up around 9:30 and instead of being awake for only 45 minutes before your next nap, you are pushing up to an hour and half before wanting to go back to bed.
  • You are such a people lover.  All anyone has to do is catch your eye and smile at you and your smile back.  If your mama is holding you when this happens, you usually turn your head into my neck and act shy after you smile….and then turn your head back around and smile again.  What a flirt!
  • I thought you were going to have totally opposite feet of Zeek (who has always had REALLY thick, chunky feet).  Yours seemed just like daddy’s – long and slender.  But they’re looking more like a mix of mine and daddy’s feet now and are chunking up.  I guess that’s good because then you can wear the same shoes that we have had for Zeek??
  • You turned 5 months old!  Woah!  I think I *finally* have accepted that you’re not a “newborn” anymore.
  • You are getting so close to crawling.  You push yourself up really well with your arms, and on your knees sometimes.  Somehow you are moving, because you are always quickly moved a few feet from your toys.

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