This Man, The Graduate

Since High School, This Man:
  • attended a two year certificate program in upstate New York for community health
  • attended Chemeketa Community College for four years – 2 years of pre-requisites for nursing and 2 years of the nursing program
  • attended Western Oregon University for one year of work towards his Bachelors of Science of Nursing and Bachelors of Community Health Education
  • spent 5 months doing medical clinics along the Amazon Basin in Brazil
  • traveled to Israel, Romania (twice), Jordan, Mexico and Brazil
  • married this woman and took me under his wing of care
  • has been blessed with two handsome and joyful sons
  • has worked dirty, sweaty jobs to support his family while getting through school
  • has created a successful paintball tournament series from scratch and is always using his ingenuity to rework the wheel to make every aspect of the events as seamless as possible
  • has poured his heart into the youth in our community through serving with church youth groups and Young Life
  • has worked hard at helping me and encouraging me through my own business venture, Wood & Thimble Handcrafted
  • has been an incredibly hands-on daddy to both his boys, even through the depths of the nursing program with mounds of homework, studying and long clinical hours
  • has never given up, never taken the easy way out, but has persevered through the little nuisances of the program
  • has already been a blessing and made an impact on the lives he’s encountered with his clinical days: the nurses, the doctors and the patients

And on Friday night, This Man


We didn’t get a good family photo… so here’s a michmash of them…

And his wife couldn’t be more proud of him.
I love This Man.

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