It’s the Bees Knees…errr something.

So, we’ve got a grad party for Skyler this weekend.
We’ve been spending lots of time outdoors lately making everything look pretty.
Last night, I noticed something new while we were out.
I looked up and stood in sheer terror and shock at how I hadn’t noticed it before…
Surely it’s been there a while to be the size that it is:


And a few more angles, just to make sure you can capture the girth of this beast:



Is that not the most frightening thing you’ve ever seen?
I swear I could feel the hair growing on my legs because my goosebumps were so huge.
But more than it just being a hornets nest (hornet? Or wasp?), which is terrifying enough, I just couldn’t help but see the screaming face from The Mummy in my head all night.
Awesome, right?
And if that’s not enough, that eave right there that the Hornets of Hades are residing in?
Smack dab in between Ezekiel’s bedroom window and our bedroom window.
Yeah, no problem.ย  There’s just a mummy head hanging outside my window all night.
I slept awesome.
Happy Friday to you.
I’m getting more coffee.
And looking at articles like this, this and this.
Anyone want to volunteer to take it down for me?
Kthanks, I’llbewaitinginside.

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