V is for…

22 Weeks
  • You are wanting to sit up, but not quite there yet.  You crumple like a piece of paper when you try.
  • You are scooting all over.  We’ll put you in front of toys in the living room on your belly and then a few minutes later, you’re *somehow* 4 feet away…
  • You tried REAL food for the first time!  A bit of blended cantelope.  You scarfed it. 
  • Your growth seems to be slowing down a hair, which is lovely because I was getting fearful that you would be wearing the same clothes as Zeek in another 6 months time!
  • You’ve done really good for mommy by letting me wear you in the Boba on my back for hours at a time while getting food prepped for various events in the last couple weeks.  You always fall asleep really quickly.  I can always tell because there’s a sudden dead-weight.  πŸ™‚
  • You still haven’t been sleeping well at night.  It’s getting better and you’re waking less at nighttime, but you still don’t want to go to bed until about 11 pm, instead of 8 like you were.  This has been almost a month like this now.  πŸ™  I think it’s teething related, so I’m hoping it passes soon.
  • You’re already growing out of your first pair of summer sandals.  sniff sniff.
  • You are so in love with your brother.  You light up from head to toe when you see him.
  • Your hair is starting to grow in thicker!  It’s lightening up some, but definitely still darker than Zeek’s.


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