What I’ve Been Workin’ On.

I’ve been working on a new “project” lately.
Been spending many hours dinking around either late at night or early in the morning, usually with a (couple) big cups of coffee and maybe Bachelorette or something similar playing in the background.
Time spent screen sharing on the Mac with my big brother in Texas asking for his input and his skills.
It is….
A new website!

I’ve wanted a new one since fall.
But then decided I should wait until Asher was born before I changed it up.
Then I got busy with birthdays, taxes, colicky nights, paintball tournaments etc. etc.
I never got around to it.
I wanted to make the big switch from a basic Blogger platform to a WordPress platform.
Finally a few weeks ago I started toying around with a new site and even with my minimal alone time these days, it’s already almost done.
I am loving WordPress SO much more!
My Wood & Thimble shop and West Coast Paintball Series sites are both on WordPress so I had some basic knowledge about it but those are both pretty static sites and not a blogging setting, which was a bit more of a learning curve. 
(BIG thanks to my brother!  He’s so awesome at helping me with webdesign.  He and his pretty wife own Run Riot Creative, web design company.)
Be watching for it in the next week or two.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying not to talk it up too much.
It’s not some amazing website.
If you’ve been around here for the length of my blog, you’ve seen that I’ve always kept it clean, white, simple since day one.  Now that’s the “thing”.  But I’ve always liked it that way.
No ads.  No busy pages.  Just clean.  Simple.  🙂
Anyway, once I make the switch and ditch Blogger, all you Google Friend Connect readers will be lost. 
(Which I think is going away in July anyway?  I haven’t heard much about it in a while!)
If you want to follow along still, make a Bloglovin‘ account to organize and keep track of all your favorite blogs and what posts you’ve read.  I love it.  🙂
You can find me on Bloglovin’ here.
Like me on Facebook here.
Both good options.  And thanks for following along with me.
Have I ever told you how much less enjoyable blogging would be without your interaction?
Way less.
Thanks for socializing with me. 🙂

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