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Raw and unedited, but equally adorable and I couldn’t resist posting:

23 Weeks
  • I mean, I know he’s my kid and all, but daaaaang.  He’s cute.  (Right?)
  • Posting all of these Asher updates are making me realize that I need to post an Ezekiel update.  It’s been far too long and the big dude deserves some blog time too. πŸ˜‰
  • OK little guy, you are approaching the SIX MONTHS MARK! ACK!  (Notice how I finally slid in the 5 month picture?  Yeah, sly. ;))
  • You are scooting all around when we put you down.  You are starting to move fast!  Especially in circles. 
  • We’ve started giving you a few tastes of food from our plates.  Some chicken broth, some cantalope (blended), some applesauce.  So far you’re still pretty gaggy (sorry dude, you get that from your mama) and a little unsure.  But you’re reaching for the spoon and sit still, mouth open when we bring it up to you. 
  • You are still in love with your big bro.  He makes you LAUGH.  You just catch sight of him and your eyes twinkle and you grin at him.  I’m sure you’re already thinking up the great pranks you two will pull together. 
  • You’ve started sleeping a LITTLE better again.  Thank goodness.  It’s been nearly 2 months of not sleeping well after 2 months of sleeping AWESOME (like regularly sleeping from 8 pm – 3:30 am).  Nope.  Now you take 30 min power naps.  Including at bedtime.  So you don’t end up actually going to sleep for a few hour stretch until about 11 pm.  And then you’d wake up again around 1.  The last few days it’s been until 5 am that you’ve been sleeping.  So that’s definitely a little better.  But I’ll be glad when you’re asleep earlier in the evening for good again.
  • Also on the sleeping note, you aren’t taking long naps again.  Like you reverted back to your colicky days and are taking only 20-30 minute power naps, with the longest nap sometimes being an hour long.  I find you do sleep a LITTLE better when I can put you in the baby swing with the music playing.  
  • You LOVE to be touching people.  LOVE it.  Especially when you’re sleeping.  I put you in daddy’s arms in the mornings (since he’s done with school and not having anywhere to go…) and you looooove to cuddle up to him.  Usually you flop your legs up onto his stomach and sleep with your face nuzzled into his bicep.  So cute.  I wish I could take a picture of you guys sleeping without waking you up.  πŸ™‚
  • Mama’s got to pull out the 9 month stuff now!  You’re big and out growing almost everything in your closet.
  • You love to play with my hair.  You just gently weave it in and out of your fingers.  Melts my heart.


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