Our Backyard Summer Makeover!

Well, since summer was quickly approaching, and my father in law was willing (since it IS his backyard), we asked if we could do a little backyard makeover back in May.
It needed some sprucing up, no doubt.
Especially the left corner of the yard where the grass was always spotty and splotchy. 
This is what it looked like on January 2nd (the morning Asher was born!):

Not terrible, but pretty blah and boring.
I started the makeover with doing a few things on my own, on the back deck.
Last year, I did a mini mini-makeover on the deck, where it went from this:

To this:

 (Ok, ok, let’s call it what it is.  It was really just a back deck clean up. haha)
Anyway, first things first, I wanted those little chairs to get an update.
I know you can’t really tell in these pictures, but the backing on those chairs is actually supposed to be a lime green.  But they’re so faded that they almost looked white.
(and dirty…)
We bought these little chairs the summer after we were married at a garage sale for $3 each and they worked well on our little apartment patio.
I whipped up some new backings with some outdoor fabric that I had in my craft closet pretty quickly (much to my surprise!  hah.  I CAN sew a straight line, yah!).
I still want to re-stain the wood, but it already looks better:
I also spray painted my plant stands (which I mentioned a YEAR AGO wanting to do).
They were a faded, yucky light green and are now a bright blue.  šŸ™‚ (I just wanted my deck to be colorful and summery!)
You can see them here before:
Btw, I also have a plan brewing for that old bench that isn’t so sturdy anymore… we’ll see if we get to it this summer though. šŸ˜‰
Here’s the spray painted, pretty little stands now:

I also spray painted a little old wooden tray to be the same green color as in the paisley pattern on the chairs.
After I did MY mini makeover portion, the men got to work on their hard work part of the makeover early one morning (while I sat inside at the kitchen table, reading blogs and sipping coffee.  ;)):

And after only about 7 hours of work, a new BBQ for Skyler’s grad present from both of our parents, a new table from my mother in law for MY grad present (being the wife of a nursing student!), the chairs and umbrella that have sat brand new in our garage for 2 years (just WAITING for a table and place to use them), some potted plants and hanging basket and a little sprucing up of Zeek’s little bird feeder, some lights and lanterns and… voila!  
A beautiful “new” backyard for us to enjoy the whole summer:

yes, I realize the table isn’t centered on the patio… it’s so we can whip our little fire pit out on the other half of the patio on a cool night! šŸ™‚

Skyler’s new grill!  We made some marinated chicken and turkey-bacon wrapped asparagus on it the other night.  WOW.  So delish, moist and amazing.

Zeek’s  pea-gravel play pit.  šŸ™‚
This is the place we dig for worms so often!
And, here’s the beautiful glow on our patio with the pretty light bulbs on:

We LOVE our “new” backyard!
We spend so much time out here now.
It’s funny to me, but adding this patio actually makes the yard feel bigger, even though it took out a good 10×12 chunk of grass.  
SO glad that this makeover happened before summer “officially” arrived and now we get the entire summer to enjoy it!
Done anything fun with your backyard?
Show me!

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