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24 Weeks
  • You turned SIX months old!  You’re on the downward slope towards one year now.  Wow. I suppose I REALLY can’t call you my newborn anymore. šŸ™
  • We’ve been giving you more tastes of food.  Some pureed baby food of spinach/pear/peas and some beets/carrot blends.  You grab my hands to shove the food in your mouth more and more, but you still gag and make funny faces… 
  • You are JUST ABOUT sitting up on your own!  You do well for a few minutes at a time.  Another week or two and you’ll have it.  šŸ™‚
  • You’ve been getting worn a LOT in the Boba lately.  You just want to be held and you’re content.  So I wear you on my back throughout a lot of the day.  You also play well on your tummy with your toys.  You seem way more into toys than your brother ever was.  
  • You’ve been sleeping in late, up to 11:30 some mornings!  But you stay up way later than I would like (9:30/10 pm).
  • People are always commenting to me about how it sounds like you say “ma ma ma ma!” when you cry.  So funny.  Especially when your eyes are staring at me when you’re fussing – like you’re crying out to me.
  • I think your growth is slowing.  You’ve been in 6-9 month clothes for a little while now.  *whew*.  At the rate you WERE going, you would’ve been wearing the same clothes as Zeek by 1 year!  šŸ˜‰ 

Love you baby.
You’re my happy lil’ Ash buggy.

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