Y is for…

25 Weeks
  • You went on your first camping trip!
  • You’re sitting up almost entirely on your own now.  You can sit for several minutes before you usually lean too far forward, reaching for a toy, and then you just flop forward on your belly.
  • You’re scooting all over the place now.  You’ll pull yourself up on your knees for a few moments, but haven’t done much more than that.
  • You have had your first pouch of baby food!  Daddy got to feed you and wowza.  You were giggling with glee because you loved it so much!
  • You recently grabbed your big bro’s sippy cup and just grabbed the handles and started sucking away at his water like you’ve been doing it forever.  For a baby who refuses a bottle, this was pretty incredible to watch.
  • ALMOST done with ABC’s! šŸ™


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