The first time I’ve ever been there.

To Bend.
Sad?  Yeah.
Supposedly it’s one of the greatest places around.  I bet I went when I was young, I just have no memory of ever being there.  So we went.

(This was about a month ago.  I’m really late in posting this, but I wanted to get them up here anyway. :))

The few times I’ve been out that way on Hwy 22, I’ve gotten car sick.  EVERY single time.  This, from the girl who usually reads chapter books to Skyler on car trips, because I DON’T get car sick.  I can’t say I was terribly excited about doing it again and sure enough, I ended up in Bend feeling really woosey and irritable.

But we grabbed some dinner, headed up to a view point to see the mountains and then stopped at the park for a stroll before heading back home.  A short, but sweet visit.  We thoroughly enjoyed the quiet family time with no agenda (since this was just two days after my sister’s wedding and we were all pooped from that busy-ness!)

And had to include these super cute pics of my brother and sister in law, before they left for home a few days after our Bend trip:

A lot of first in this post: my first time to Bend (and the boys’), Asher’s first time on the swings, and Jeremy & Shannon’s first visit with Asher.

I’m sure we’ll be making more trips out to Bend, but I think next time I’LL drive and see if that helps my car sickness.  Then I might have a little bit fonder memories of Bend.  šŸ™‚


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