Enjoying the Little Things

I’ve been feeling challenged lately with enjoying all of the little things.  With seeking out and enjoying the things that we can do for free (since we’re on a very very limited budget).  Things that we can do as a family.  Things that show the boys about life and experiences we can have with them.

So we’ve done a bunch of little things.  Simple but joyful things.  Just slowing down and finding the sweet things in life.  (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of these already.)

Many picnic lunches and dinners in parks with fun play structures and splash pads.

Bike rides to the nearby park and picking a few big tubs full of the sweetest blackberries.

Stopping at the farmhouse on the way back from the park for a carton of fresh chicken eggs and seeing the beautiful shades of greens and blues and the brown ones with dark speckles.

Enjoying delicious blackberry smoothies and eggs and sausage breakfast on the sunny back patio the following morning.

Zeek and Skyler spent a few hours at a local organic u-pick blueberry farm yesterday and picked 7 lbs of blueberries for us to enjoy.

I made a meal and delivered it to some dear friends who welcomed a sweet daughter into their lives on Monday.  I sat there last night, holding her delicate little body, barely remembering Asher being that little, let alone Zeek, and I was reminded again how sweet it is to slow down and enjoy the little things in our crazy lives.

Things like berry picking, sitting and talking and laughing in the warm sun, splashing in the water.  And holding those little babies that are so precious to us.

Enjoy your weekend, too. 🙂


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