Z is for….

The zucchini’s were cold, out of the fridge, hence your expression.
This was the best I could get out of you!! haha

26 Weeks
  • You are such a mama’s boy right now!  You cry if you see me leave the room.  I’m reveling in this abundance of mama-love, since your brother is all about dada-love right now.
  • You finally got moved out of your bedside cradle and are now in the playpen, but still in our bedroom.  We’ll be transitioning you into the room with Zeek over the next few months, as we’re working on transitioning the office into a playroom.
  • You have now been on 2 camping trips and just love it!
  • You’re mostly sitting up on your own now, though sometimes to get too excited and fall over backwards, or lean too far forwards reaching for a toy and then do a face plant.
  • You are scooting all over and are now officially army crawling,  You can pull yourself up on your knees, but just go backwards.
  • No one can make you laugh quite like your big brother can.  He gets you full on belly laughing, which is just the most awesome thing because you guys will laugh in sync and you sound exactly the same!
  • You are starting to look like such a little boy and not like a baby as much.

I can’t believe this is your last ABC!!!! GAH!  So wild.

Love you mister.  I hope you enjoy your ABC book that mama has made for you.  🙂

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