I just can’t wait

I’m about to say something that I never thought I’d say…


I just wish summer were over already.

*ducks head in anticipation of flying glassware chucked in my general direction*

Really.  I’m ready.
Things have felt so un-routine and unscheduled since Asher’s birth.  That’s SEVEN months ago.  For an uber-oganizational-freak, it’s been a really rough seven months.  I thrive on knowing my schedule and following a routine.  Yes, I like to break it up here and there with fun unanticipated activities and love the last-minute adventures that I get with being Skyler’s wife, but under it all, organization and schedules are what make me relax.

I’m looking forward to the summer crazies being over and being able to break back into a routine with my family.  Knowing when my mom Bible studies and play dates are.  Skyler having a regular(ish) routine that the boys’ and I can base our routine off of.  Having regular nap-times and bed-times for the boys.  The neighborhood posse going back to school and knowing they won’t be running rampant through my yard until at least 3 pm.

Those simple things that keep it structured in my world.

I’m ready.

Hurry up, September.



I promise, we HAVE been enjoying our summer of camping – especially our sunny days filled with sitting lakeside for the last two weeks!

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