A Year of Dates June

Another date in the books.  šŸ™‚  We’re still lagging behind in our date book (just having June’s date a couple weeks ago, mid-July, and yet to do July’s date), but we’re hoping to squeeze two dates in this month to “catch up”.

This one wasn’t really our fault for not being able to do in June though;  it had to be a Saturday and the four Saturday’s in June were filled with a parade, my sister’s wedding, a paintball tournament, and a garage sale.

Anyway – as I’ve said before, I planned a mixture of dates in our book: some in town, some out of town, some rare activities, and some laid back dates including the kids.  June’s date was the latter.

I loved this little saying because it was oh so true for this date.  MANY times, we have visited French Press (our favorite place to eat breakfast) and many times we have visited the Saturday Market.  But not all dates need to be fancy, new adventures, “romantic” or extreme.  Simple, familiar acts are just as beautiful.  šŸ™‚

The best crepes ever (which Skyler ruins with disgusting stuff):

My favorite part is the first bite – the folded over, warm, soft crepe bite.  Which you can see below that I couldn’t even wait to take a picture before I took that special bite:

Then, for the second part of our date, we parked downtown, got some Starbuck’s and walked to the Saturday Market to browse through all the vendors.

Skyler’s old boss was working his rock collection tent (which you can see how cool it is, in the first post I wrote about the Saturday Market, looong ago!) and we visited with him for a while and he offered Zeek to pick out a rock to keep.  Of all the SUPER cool rocks that he had (Tiger’s eye, some really brilliant greens/teals/purples, ones with crystals, etc), Zeek picked out a pretty boring blue and white splotchy one…but he loves it, so that’s what matters! 

What a lucky mama I am to have such a cool kid:

We enjoyed looking at all the pretty flowers, produce and craftsmanship:

One of the flower booth ladies gave Zeek a pretty dahlia to give his mama.  So sweet.  šŸ™‚

We had a great family date walking around and enjoying the sunshine.  It’s been fun to include the kids on a couple of these dates too.  Especially during school time, Skyler hasn’t always had the most time to spend with us as a family on fun dates so it was especially enjoyable for the family time we had.  šŸ™‚

Looking forward to a more exclusive August date though!  (Oh yeah, and July’s date hopefully in the next couple weeks! ;))

Just was realizing that since it’s already August, I’m going to need to start brainstorming some more date ideas because I am DEFINITELY doing this for Christmas again this year for Skyler!  It has by far been the best gift, which we have both thoroughly enjoyed.  šŸ™‚

See our past month’s dates:

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