The Amazing Race: Family Edition v.2017 – Day 2

Day 2:

We started out day out in beautiful, sunny Martinez with a good continental breakfast (Anyone else just looove continental breakfast?!  Seriously, the best and a deal breaker in booking a hotel for me.).  We lingered long enough before getting on the road in order to make it to our next destination without dealing with the morning commute traffic:

We were all raring to go for another day of adventuring:

20 minutes later….. hahaha.  This was only 2 hours after being awake and with only breakfast and a short drive in our day so far.  3/4ths of the kids were out.  I suppose we wore them out just a teensy bit the day before. 😉

We arrived at our first stop at about 11 am with another HOT 95 degree day ahead of us.

We sunscreened up, loaded the stroller with snacks and drinks, and ventured on across the bridge to the park!

Photo credit: Zeek

First thing in the gate was a carousel which Ellery insisted we ride.

We walked around the “zoo” part for a bit – it was small but there were a few fun and different animals that we hadn’t seen before.  Nothing I deemed worth capturing in photo, though Zeek (our resident “animal guy”) captured a few with his little camera!

We quickly went through the zoo and headed over to the park portion of Happy Hollow!

Practicing their “ninja skills” on the obstacle course.

Other than at our local (small) amusement park Enchanted Forest, these kids had never been on a rollercoaster before!  They were nervous (Zeek more so than Asher, our family wild man) but willing to try!

Super fun playground area that was hard to pull our kids away from:

Ellery was not wanting to go on the little lady bug ride but we convinced her that it would be fun if she rode with this other little girl.  They were the only 2 on the ride and thankfully she rolled with it.

We mad it through all the rides and the little petting zoo by about 2 pm.  We had some hot and tired kids on our hands by this point!

But we all decided we needed one more ride on the carousel to cap out our afternoon.

As we were leaving, we saw this guy scooting around on his motorized skateboard and he offered to take our family photo (love when people do that for each other!).  Then he offered to let Skyler ride his skateboard around.  After riding it over the bridge and back and around, Skyler asked him how much it cost him.  Ready?  $2,000!!  Two. Thousand.  For a skateboard with a motor.  And he let a total stranger ride it around and out of his sight.  We were shocked at his generosity in offering Skyler to try it out.  We had always heard that San Jose had a bit of a rough crowd but we seriously encountered the nicest people while we were there.  They were all so great!

We had a slew of other clues for our day but with staying at the park much longer than anticipated, about 6 car accidents on our planned route, road construction, and rush hour traffic, we opted to go South on 101 instead of I-5.

It was a long drive but the kids found ways to entertain themselves (and Skyler and I had the best time sorting through the photos on their cameras when we got home).

Eventually 101 led us to Pismo Beach where we stopped at the Dinosaur Park for one last stretch and run around before changing the kids into jammies and making the final stretch of the drive.

This sweet little baby boy was just a total angel the entire trip.  He sure fits right into our adventurous family!

Photo credit: Zeek

Can’t get enough of our little girl and her giggle!

We loaded up the car at about 8 pm with kids in jammies, read the final clue of the day, tucked them into their car seats and told them to go to sleep.

We rolled into the Hyatt House in Carlsbad at about 11 pm – literally.  We rolled all our sleeping babies in on the luggage cart and plopped them into the softest hotel bed that we’ve ever stayed in, in the biggest hotel room we’ve ever had (more on this wonderful hotel later!).

And just like that, Day 2 and the long drive from Salem, Oregon to nearly San Diego, California with 4 kids and a minivan was complete.

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