The Amazing Race: Family Edition v.2017 – Day 3

Day 3:

On Day 3, we woke up in our wonderful hotel and went downstairs to the best continental breakfast that we’ve ever had.  (You know how I said I love me a good continental!).  I’d say “breakfast buffet” was a more appropriate term.  Everything was fresh, home made, not a single prepackaged item, and about 5 staff milling around grabbing whatever you needed for you, clearing your plates as you finished them, and just being some of the most wonderfully cheerful people to chat with.  They adored little 6 week old Alder and were gushing over him.  Breakfast. was. BOMB.

Then we loaded the kids up for a day of fun!  We read them the first clue…

…drove less than 2 miles away, and read them their next clue!  (I know I’ve been raving about this hotel, but really – being less than 2 miles away from the destination?!  It was amazing.)

I try to pull my “dad mom jokes” for these clues because, well, Skyler and I strive to be the kinds of parents that embarrass our kids. 😉  I thought I was pulling hard on this clue but this is the one clue that Zeek still (a month and a half later) talks about.  “LEGO!…. *snicker snicker*…oh, mom.  That was a good clue.”  I guess someday the embarrassment will come, eh?

We were a little bummed that the weather was going to be less than ideal for the weekend while we were in Carlsbad (mid 60’s and drizzly), but us Oregonians just pulled out our sweatshirts and headed in to Legoland for a day of adventures!

We made our way back to the Medieval Land area first and spent a while playing in the playground before this momma was like, “hey guys! We didn’t pay a bunch of money to play on a playground!  LEGO!”

So we hauled them off here instead:

Skyler and I took turns taking each boy on their very first real rollercoaster.  Asher (the wild man) loved it.  Zeek…. well… He was a brave boy but he gripped me and had a couple tears brimming in his eyes.  Sure do love and appreciate that cautious first born of mine.  I feel like I will really appreciate this about him as he and his brothers grow older and he’s the ring leader…

This ride quickly became the boys’ favorite ride and they went on it several times.  Legoland was perfect for young ones as the lines were 5 minutes or less of wait time (other than a couple bigger rides), so they kept getting off this ride and running right back around to get on it again.

This one was my personal favorite ride…

…because it wasn’t till I was on the ride the first time that I realized that in my favorite season of The Amazing Race, they actually went on this ride at Legoland (except it was a pirate version at the Legoland they went to) and had to complete a Lego puzzle while the ride was spinning them around.  This was the season my old teacher Mr. Alden was on with his wife Cathi and here they are on the ride:

Photo courtesy of CBS and this OregonLive article.

Fun fact of the day.  That made our Amazing Race feel a little more legit.

This one was Asher’s favorite ride:

We checked out Mini Land which was mini cities and landmarks.  It was definitely constructed when Legoland opened 20 years ago (as you could tell by the faded Lego bricks) but it was still super interesting to look at and some of the things (busses/cars) were motorized and moved randomly.

This one ^^ was fun because we got to show Zeek exactly where we stood to watch the Treasure Island show when we went to Vegas with him when he was 10 months old.

And easily the boys’ favorite section of Legoland – Ninjago:

Practicing ninja skills:

The Ninjago ride was all of our favorites – even Ellery’s.  We went a few times!

Legoland had fairly recently gotten a Star Wars section which the boys loved and they insisted we take several photos to send to one of their best buds, Hank, who is a Star Wars fan.

This Pirate Ship ride was one of the first ones we saw when we walked in and they were initially intimidated by it.  It took me nearly all day to convince them to ride it with me!

Lego Driving School:

Upon completion of “driving school”, you were handed a drivers license.  Asher clung to his so tight and I feared it because that boy thought for sure that it was license to drive our actual van.  He was convinced that he had learned to drive and that his license was the real deal.  Thanks Legoland, thanks for that.

And that essentially filled our day at Legoland!  As we were heading out of the park, we popped into the Lego hotel really quick to check it out.  It was crazy hopping with kids but I had to take a photo of this cool display behind their check-in desk.  This bike guy slowly went back and forth across this board of minifigs and the wheels were magnifying glasses to see the minifigs as it passed across.  It was pretty cool!

Asher proudly displaying his drivers license.

After Legoland, we were wanting to find some beach access!  We were right there, after all.  We drove a few miles South until we found a place to pull over and explore a bit. 

Me and my brood – man, I love them!

And that was Day 3.

If you missed it: Day 1, Day 2.




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