The Amazing Race: Family Edition v.2017 – Day 4

Day 4:

The kids were amped and ready to go back to Legoland!  They had no idea we had planned to spend more than one day there and thought they had already had “the best day of the race”.  We filled up on breakfast and headed back to Legoland for another full day of rides and fun.

We hadn’t even made it to about half the rides the day before, so it was still fresh and exciting as we explored other parts of the park that we hadn’t yet been to.  Also, by day 2 of this, Ellery was getting the hang of it a little more and was really eager to ride rides (where she had been more timid the day prior).  We made this day more about her and what she wanted to do since the day prior she had spent a good portion of the time hanging in the stroller being carted around to what her brothers wanted to do.

They had some more girly areas, like a fairy tale land, the Lego Friends area (with a carousel) and some animal rides.

Getting Ellery a smashed penny from the Friends area:

But of course, we also ended up back at the boys’ favorite ride for a few more times:

We played in the kiddie land area for quite a while for Ellery to be able to run around, explore, and stretch her legs.  The boys enjoyed it just as much as she did though as they had buckets of Legos around to build with.

We visited Asher’s favorite ride and Ezekiel’s favorite ride again too:

Then we gave the boys their next clue:

It was cold and drizzly that day and it wasn’t ideal to venture into the waterpark, but it was only open on the weekends in May and there wasn’t any other option.  Skyler and the boys suited up to play in the water, while I sacrificially offered to sit out at the cafe with the babies who were both napping, and sip a hot cup of coffee in the quiet.  It was rough, but I managed to not pout.  😉

The boys only lasted about an hour and a half in the waterpark before they were too freezing (and they were too short to do a couple slides), so we met up again and decided to take our party into the SeaLife aquarium there at Legoland.

We had heard mixed reviews about the aquarium.  It probably wasn’t worth paying a ton of extra money for (it’s a different pass than the main one), but it was included in our passes and definitely worth the hour walk through in that case.  They had a passport where you had to collect stamps and they enjoyed hunting for the stamps and getting those.  It wasn’t outrageously cool but it was clean and nice and the kids enjoyed the break from rides (and they could look at fish all day long).

Then we opted to hit up a few more rides that we all enjoyed before we closed out our 2nd day at the park.

Ellery loved this little plane ride.  We all did, really.  It’s a small and simple ride but something so enjoyable about being flown around!

And that was Day 4!

In case you missed it: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.


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