The Amazing Race: Family Edition v.2017 – Day 5

Day 5:

We had all sorts of fun plans down in San Diego for day 5 but with impending rain and poor weather, we opted to change things up and ventured north to LA where the weather looked to be more promising.  One thing I did for this Amazing Race was to leave all clues in their envelopes unsealed and fairly vague.  I knew I would have to do things with flexibility and as they fit in.  I also printed off a bunch of different things knowing we wouldn’t be able to get everything in.  So, this is what our “unplanned” day 5 looked like:

Prior to our trip, my friend had told me about the La Brea Tar Pits.  I’d never heard of it before but was curious about it and figured the boys would just love it.

The tar pits were so fascinating to all of us!  We just stood and observed the tar pond for quite a while.

Inside tar pit 91 – the observation area.  They had it all divided into grids of where to dig.  

Observing more of the tar pits on the grounds.

Watching a crew actually digging through the muck:

Each of these crates are waiting to be dug through.

After we thoroughly explored the grounds, we made our way into the museum.  Unfortunately because of a long line inside, we were literally 2 minutes too late to buy tickets for the “live preview” show with mechanical saber tooth tigers and sloths.  I was bummed because I was really looking forward to Ellery freaking the heck out, haha.  The boys would’ve loved it.  We’ll have to just venture down another time!  Regardless, the rest of the museum was very fascinating too!

This display was 400 and some skulls of the animal above (some sort of wolf/coyote?  I can’t remember what it was exactly.) that they recovered just at the tar pits:

Skyler, explaining how saber toothed tigers work their teeth:

These paleontologists were working on recovering a giant wooly mammoth.  It was fun to observe them in their clean up of the teenyist tinyist bones and pieces.  The tablet there was so that we could get a close up of exactly what he was doing under the microscope.

A display board of all the parts they have recovered and cleaned so far:

We walked through the atrium and they had a koi pond, which the kids loved.  They watched those darn fish forever.

Photo credit: Zeek

My sweet boy, learning about taking selfies and showing off the rock he picked out from the gift shop:

Photo credit: Zeek

Finally, we were content with what we’d seen at La Brea Tar Pits and moved along to the next clue!

We hadn’t been to Venice Beach with kids annnnnnd I’m not sure we’ll go back with kids, haha.  I forgot how dirty it is there!  They were intrigued though because it’s pretty much the best people watching spot in the US.  We got on the beach and gave them their Road Block clue with their next task:

We walked up along the entire boardwalk and had NO luck finding a Mexican wrestling mask in any of the shops!  We were all bummed because “Paco Muchacho” is pretty much our favorite character ever.  We made it to the very far end of Venice Beach when the Heavens opened up and dumped water on us and we began our nearly 2 mile trek back to the car in the pouring rain.  Family bonding, right?!  I also took zero photos at Venice Beach because it was so hopping with people that this mama was on overload and just trying to make it down the boardwalk with all my children and sanity still in tow.  I did snap this one as we were almost back to our car though.  Just as proof that we were there, because I’m just not sure we’ll ever venture back there with our kids being young. 😂

Finally, after the long day exploring and long, wet walk through the rain, we were all ravenous.  It was time to pull out one of the clues that I was most excited about:

Our kids had never been to In-N-Out yet!  (Well, that’s not entirely true I guess.  Zeek was there at about 17 months old but that doesn’t really count!)

We all thoroughly enjoyed our double-doubles and shakes.  Also, the clouds parted and gave us the sun back which was much appreciated.

This all made for a full and fun day so we made the almost 2 hour drive back to our hotel in Carlsbad and all conked out in bed right away.

And that was Day 5.

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