The Amazing Race: Family Edition v.2017 – Day 6

Day 6:

Photo credit: Zeek

Yep, another day at Legoland.  But we were excited that the sun finally came out and we were looking forward to enjoying a warm and sunny day at the park!

First up, making Zeek finally conquer his fears of riding the biggest rollercoaster in the park:

Skyler took him first and he said at that first big drop above, he looked over at Zeek who had tears welled up in his eyes but he didn’t make a peep.  We were so proud of our big guy overcoming his fears of the ride!

I took him on it next and I have to say, it wasn’t the big drop, it was these sharp turns that made me nervous!  They were sharp, flat turns and with every one I felt like our car was going to just fall off the track!  What looked like such a mild ride from down below was not proving to be so!

Then we rewarded him for his fearlessness and took him back to one of their favorite rides:

And then we got to ride on the one that mama had been eyeing all along:

We were shocked to see a princess walking around; what a fun surprise for Ellery!  She could NOT stop staring at her sparkly dress.

And we finally got our hands on their apple fries (yum!):

“Ninja training” … which they took very seriously.

The face that Skyler makes when he’s tired of me taking photos:

Which really only hurts himself because then I make him take another one…

And finally exploring the last bits of the park that we hadn’t really seen yet:

Asher had been begging to go on this ride since the first morning we got there but with clouds and rain, we waited.  He was ecstatic to finally ride it!

And Zeek was ecstatic to get people soaked from the side line. That little bugger has excellent aim.  Darn it.

We took them through the Big Lego Store at the closing and let them each pick a new set.  Zeek was clearly excited enough about his that he wanted to take some selfies.  Buying them each cameras before our trip was the best decision I made.  Going through their photos they took at the end of the trip was GOLD.  Seriously, buy your kids a camera.  The things they think to take photos of are awesome and hilarious.

Bye Legoland!  We loved you!

Since it was our last night in Carlsbad AND it was sunny, we grabbed some In-N-Out to go and headed to the beach!

When you ask daddy to build a sand castle with you, daddy does!  And when daddy does something, he does it at 150%.  So, an epic sand palace building took place.

Ellery got busy building a “cake”… or something?

Asher went rogue and decided to make his own castle which turned out pretty great.


They had this foot washing station that Ellery loved:

And she kept running to me saying, “I all dry! I all dry, mama!”  Pretty sure she meant clean … but she would always run back and wash off again…. and I’m sure everyone in the drought state of California thought was pretty spectacular.

I had to take a photo of the craziness!  This is what an almost 1200 mile (one way) road trip with 4 kids in a minivan looks like:


And that was Day 6!

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