The Amazing Race: Family Edition – Day 7 & 8

Oh my word!  It’s been almost a month since my last post and I just need to get this finished up and MOVE ON! 😛  We’ve hit our stride in summer and have just been enjoying our little world over here and I’ll admit that I forgot I even got my blog up again.  But here I am to continue on and finish up this Amazing Race 2017 write up!

Day 7:

(This was one we were supposed to do on the way to Carlsbad, but we detoured for wrecks so we fit it in for the way home instead.)

We made it to this destination, just off of I-5 and a bit north of LA (maybe 45 minutes, if I remember it right.).  There wasn’t anyone else there but the park rangers who gave us a hard time about sunscreen.  (It was high 90’s out and out kids get red-faced when hot.  He assumed that because we were from Oregon, we knew nothing about the sun and let them get burnt. *eye roll*)  We went into the museum part and looked around.

Then we went to check out the old buildings, house and chicken coop – all while keeping an eye out for rattle snakes.

This girl couldn’t do anything before she saw the chickens. “Can my pet the chickens?!” she asked over and over again – until we finally just let her in the coop.

Beautiful property!

This sign made me laugh – there was the oh-so-slightest downgrade on the trail.

After this hot and sweaty visit, we pretty much made the long haul drive (aside from a quick stop at In-N-Out for dinner) up to Sacramento to our hotel for the night.  We pulled into the hotel at almost 10 pm and settled down for another long day ahead.

Day 8:

We were supposed to make our first stop about 2 hours into the drive here:

But this was the current child status as we neared The Olive Pit (3/4ths out at 11 am!) and we said screw it!  Drive on.

We made it to our next destination in Redding at about 1pm and took our picnic lunch with us to munch on quickly before checking out the grounds.

We were all highly impressed with the museum part, the gardens and the animal exhibits.  This entire place was so great!  We can’t wait till life takes us through Redding for a second visit.

Giant tree floating in the building – the trunk was fake but the root system was real and ginormous!  It was suspended in air over an entire story below.  The whole thing terrified Ellery as she must have thought she’d fall through.  She took wide steps clear around this exhibit.

The sundial bridge and the gardens were spectacular!

They had this awesome bird exhibit where you could go in and they would land on you and you could feed them.

And the super cool walk-through butterfly exhibit:

Did I talk about these cameras yet?!  My boys have been so into taking photos that they’ll even beg to use Skyler’s FLIP PHONE to take photos with!  So, it was a splurge for not being a birthday or Christmas but I wanted to run with their passion and let them have something to capture all their fun adventures with.  These are the Vtech Kidizoon DUO Cameras.  They take pretty great pics, are super durable (Asher has probably already dropped his 10 times!), has fun special effects and has a few little games loaded on it.  3 months later and still pleased with this purchase!

Annnnnnd then, HOME AGAIN!  We loaded up and made the final stretch to home.

We had such a fun time and are loving these Amazing Race adventures!  Already dreaming of the next one, and I’m sure the boys are too!

In case you missed them: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6.





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