8 Years And Everything

Skyler Pierce,

You, my dear, have no idea how much you mean to me.  (And let’s be honest – you probably still won’t because we all know you’re my worst blog reader.  You always say to me that you will catch up on all my blog posts if I die before you do…so for this sake, let’s hope that’s true.  So romantic.)

But really.  No idea.  You and I, we’re celebrating 8 years of marriage today (and 9 years being together).  Eight years seems like nothing, and yet it’s been everything to me.

It’s been laughing with (and at) each other.  It’s been singing (horribly) together, but singing regardless because we both love it, even if we aren’t talented in that arena.  It’s been enjoying each others’ hobbies and developing our own individual ones too.  It’s been proven faithfulness.  It’s been making me talk to you, even when I’m so mad I just want to crawl deep into my own head and be silent.  It’s been watching all sorts of sides of me come out – good and ugly (sometimes really ugly).  It’s been seeing your steadfastness for our relationship, despite my downfalls and failures.  Despite letdowns and unmet expectations.  It’s been seeing me through 4 pregnancies and 4 births and never letting go of my hand unless I said (or more realistically, demanded, because you and I both know I can be real fiery) for you to let go.  It’s been watching you tirelessly go to school, year after year.  It’s been watching you become, grow and evolve into one of the most magnificent dads I’ve ever seen.  Those sweet kids of ours adore you and it’s for a reason.

It’s been watching you and I mature.  Watching our “disagreements” and arguments mature.  Watching our love mature, in how we care for each other and how we speak to each other.  It’s been you holding me, wrapped tightly in a hug in the kitchen after a spat, and you whispering in my ear “mean people need hugs,” which always evokes a giggle and a swat on the shoulder from me.  It’s been you learning me.  Me learning you.  Learning each others’ weaknesses (and gently pointing them out with encouragement for betterment), learning each others’ strengths and praising and utilizing them.  Learning each others’ buttons and how easy they are to push.  Learning each others’ love languages, and how quickly and easily it is to fill that love cup, if you just speak the right language.

It’s been going through moving, and moving, and home-buying, and home renovations, and home refinancing, and taxes and tax audits, and business owning, and all those other hard and frustrating adult things.  It’s been deciding together how to have our children, how to raise them, how to educate them and how to feed them.  It’s been all of these things – and so much more.  It’s been all these things that have changed me, shaped me and molded me into a different Kayla than I was the day you married me.

Some of our sweet friends have a newborn baby girl with an extended stay in the hospital right now and she recently posted a photo of her husband and made a comment about him being as solid as a rock for their family.  I had to smile and nod a bit because her husband is your fellow co-worker in the Emergency Dept. and I kept thinking, “I think maybe that’s just a trait of a really good ED nurse.” Solid as a rock.  Because it’s true – if I had to boil all my sweet loving notions about you down to one simple phrase – it would be that: solid as a rock.

Through every single thing we’ve been through – you have always been there, solid as a rock.  In fact, it’s even what your middle name means!  Your name could not have been any more perfectly picked for you.  Skyler = scholar (11 years and counting, baby!), Pierce = solid as a rock.  You have always, always been there when I’m frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed, down in the pits, and yes also when I’m over-joyed and grinning ear to ear with happiness; you’re always there to hold my hand, tell me “job well done” or “everything will be okay”, and then you point me back to Jesus.  Rest on Jesus.  Praise Jesus.  For whatever it is – it’s Jesus.

Thank you for being so solid.  For being unwavering in your love, in your commitment, in your faithfulness.  For being a solid place for these weary legs to rest.  For your own relationship with Jesus that brings you strength, grace, wisdom and keeps you standing firm and solid.  Thank you for being such a great leader for our family.  You have done so well and I have no doubts in you continuing to do so.  Thank you for being you.  For being the one whom my soul longs for.

Also, these babies.  Thank you for these babies in our lives.  <3

You mean so very much to me.  I love you dearly.

— Your Wife (or “Your Beautiful Wife”, as my contact info in your phone reads.  You sweet gem, you.)



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