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Who I Am as a Blogger

Who I Am as a Blogger

I hate the word “blogger”.  I really do.  I generally hate being fit into a box and labeled as something. But if you want to get all technical, I guess that’s what I am – a blogger. I have never shared with all of you […]

My Complaining-Wife Funk

I’ve been in a funk.  It’s hung over me like a cloud since a month or so after Asher was born.  I’m not sure if it was his colicky nights of constant screaming, the reality of having two kids needing me and the adjustment from […]

Calling All REAL Moms!

Since this post, I have received several comments and emails from other mom’s thanking me for taking the time to be REAL and letting them know that they’re not all alone and I do NOT have it all together either!  (Cause really?  Who does?) The […]