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26 Years Ago, Today

You were born. You came into this world and graced us all with your presence. You were born with purpose – God had a plan for you, even then. Even though you didn’t know it, and I didn’t know it, God did.  He had it […]

Children’s Museum and Snow Day!

What a fun weekend we’ve been having! And it’s not even over yet. It started Thursday, with my date with Zeek. Then Friday, Skyler didn’t have clinicals and since it was another gorgeous 64 degree, sunny day, we decided to take Zeek to the A.C. […]

What a Kroc!

Just kidding. There’s no hogwash about this. We did something fun this week. We got a membership at the Kroc Community Center! We’d heard about it for a long time, but never checked it out. Finally, for little man’s bday last month, we were going […]

Homemade Bar Soap

Ok, as promised, here is that recipe for Homemade Bar Soap that Skyler uses.  He’s made a few batches so far, and for two people who are extremely eczema prone – it has done very well.  Skyler in particular is very picky about the soap […]

Love Story {Part Four}

{Read Part One, Part Two & Part Three} ************** Those few days after we started dating are a precious memory for me.  I hope I’ll always remember how the breeze blew my hair and the sun felt on my back that summer evening when Skyler […]

Love Story {Part Three}

{Read Part One and Part Two first!} ************** We had agreed to meet up once that following week, but after the first meeting, we ended up enjoying our time together so much that we ended up meeting up twice.   Both times we walked.  The first […]

Love Story {Part Two}

(If you missed it, read Part One) ******************* The couple days after the wedding s.l.o.w.l.y passed and it felt like forever before I was going to see Skyler again. He had a few friends staying with him, who had flown in from NYC for Zach […]

Love Story {Part One}

I was just getting out of an ugly divorce in 2007. One that left me completely crushed and made me feel totally worthless. I didn’t see myself the way God saw me – the beauty he saw in me. I saw a used young woman, […]

I {Really} Loathe Laundry.

You may have read my “About Me” section and already have learned how much I hate laundry.  I {hate} it.  And it’s probably because of how much I do it.  I do at least 2 loads a day.  No joke.  No exaggeration.  Pure fact.  I […]

Mr. Crafty

I don’t know if I’ve told you before, but I married Mr. Crafty.  (Though, he’d probably hate the fact that I just called him that.). Did I ever mention how creative my husband is?  Did I ever tell you he is incredible at pottery?  (At […]