The Last Two Weeks of Summer

This morning, I woke up, made breakfast for my husband and kissed him goodbye.  The boys both woke up a couple hours earlier than normal but are both playing contently on the floor together.  I’m sipping my coffee and… smiling at the thought of finally beginning our time of routines and being home more often.  🙂

The last two weeks were the last bit of summer hoorah.  Skyler had his first “official” nurse job at Camp Tadmor, a Christian based camp for middle and high schoolers.  We had our own little cabin in the woods and the boys and I mostly floated about camp – lots of hiking around, playing lakeside, lots of eating, and lots of watching the “big kids” play (and watching daddy tend to their injuries).

We made new relationships, enjoyed the fresh outdoors and enjoyed some laid back time together.

This was our little nurses cabin:

We hung out at the slip n’ side:

And tried (unsucessfully) to get Zeek to go on with me after all the big kids left:

We searched and “fished” for newts in the lake:

We went to a “carnival” where Zeek did mini golf and a football toss for tickets, and then turned those tickets in for popcorn and frozen chocolate covered banana’s:

We hung out lakeside and splashed in the water with the camp coordinator’s wife and two girls (who are the same ages as my boys):

I kept trying to get Zeek to look at me and smile.  “Zeek… Zeek.  Zeek, look at mama.  Zeeeeek.”
Nothing.  No response or acknowledgement.

And then this.
“Zeek, what are you holding?”
*See my glowstick!?*  Shows me proudly and smiles.
Hey, whatever you gotta do to get them to look and smile at you!! 😉 

See Zeek down there at the shoreline, just watchin’ the big kids? 🙂

We took many walks around camp and enjoyed exploring the beautiful nature:

Zeek picked this flower for me.  🙂
And, we can’t forget about this little monkey.  
Who literally lived like this for two weeks:

We had such a great time at Camp Tadmor.  We were supposed to be there for 4 weeks, including this week and next.  But something else came up.
Skyler got a job.
Today is his second day as Skyler Anderson RN at Salem Hospital IMCU floor.  🙂
Couldn’t be more proud of my man.
And SO thankful summer is “over” for us and routine gets to start setting in. 
Bring on regular nap times!

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