This is the little man who all the sudden is sitting up, army crawling AND eating food all within a couple weeks. 

This is Zeek’s newest toy, which he can’t even ride one because his legs are too short to reach the pedals (even with the seat all the way forward) and because it’s so realistic, it’s beastly and he’s not strong enough to move the heavy thing with using his feet just on the ground either.  Basically, it’s a useless toy right now, but I’m pretty sure telling him, “don’t worry, you’ll grow into it” is really making it more enjoyable to him.  Every kid loves waiting.  🙂  Parenting fail.

This is the first official nursing scrubs my man gets to wear in his career.  I had to catch him on the go… which is just fine, because I definitely like this side of him too.  😉  (And work, although still in the training period, is going great for him – thank you to everyone who has asked and sent congrats!)

This is the first flower bouquet that Skyler bought for me with said nursing job.  I thanked him and told him I like weekly fresh flowers.  To which he replied, “wouldn’t you want to just go pick out your own?” … smart man, putting it back on me.  😉
This is my new obsession.  Honey as my coffee sweetener.  I always thought Starbucks was weird for having honey out; now they’re rock stars in my book.  Honey.  Honey is always good. 

This is my latest garage sale find.  Skyler recently threw out the old regular aloe vera junky stuff and purchased some expensive “all natural” aloe vera for like $12/bottle.  I answered back with a $.75 ever growing aloe vera plant.  Boom.

This was finally brought back into our house after being in our garage for about 10 months.  It’s bittersweet to see it back in here.  (I enjoyed the space that it freed up by being in the garage…)  Zeek still claims it as his chair though and has had to have a lesson in growing older and growing out of things.  The second picture is Asher sitting in the high chair and chasing ice in a bowl.  He loves it.  This fun little activity buys me time with making dinner.  🙂

This is the new free space I have in my house to work with.  Right now it’s only visions, but soon there will be a play room in that lovely space.  🙂  (You can see some of the fun ideas I found for a play room here on my Playroom Pinterest board.)

And This.  This is what has been getting me through sleep training (I use that word loosely) Asher.  That little bugger is certainly not as easy as big bro was in that department.  I need another gallon of this stuff…  🙂

Happy Tuesday to you all.

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