Who I Am as a Blogger

I hate the word “blogger”.  I really do.  I generally hate being fit into a box and labeled as something.

But if you want to get all technical, I guess that’s what I am – a blogger.

I have never shared with all of you – “my blog readers” (see what I did there?  I’m giving you all a label too. HA.), why I blog, who I blog for and what I want from my blog.  Y’all know I like transparency and being open.  So here goes:

I’ve never aspired to be a big famous blogger.  There’s already about a million other people out there that take Blogger as a professional label and not something I was really interested in.  My blogging journey began back in the very beginning of 2010.  I had JUST had a gall bladder surgery and was bed-ridden for a week.  I was kidless and Skyler was in school and worked.  I had an awful lot of free time laying on the couch doing a whole lot of nothing.  I think I did a google search for a craft idea that I had been tossing around in my head and somehow came upon this foreign thing: a blog.  I was in shock that someone would have a PERSONAL website, dedicated to displaying their crafts.

What?!  Why?  Why would someone post their crafts on just some random website they created?  (I had never even heard of a blog before at that point.)  After reading about 10 blog posts, I realized, wow, I don’t know these people but all the sudden, I like them.  I care about them.  I want to see more of their crafts.  And write some more too, lady, because you’re kind of funny and I enjoy reading your words.

I think I literally read through the entire blog within a couple days (and it was a lengthy one!) and then once there were no more blog posts to read, I shed a few tears and then decided to start my own blog.

Surely, if I have so thoroughly enjoyed seeing this lady’s projects as much as I have, SOMEONE might be interested in seeing MY craft projects.  If no one else, at least maybe my mother and possibly my sister would look at my blog.  It might be worth it and fun to try a blog out.  (Remember, I was also kidless at this time, was made into a wife only 6 months prior and had a whole new apartment to decorate.  I found myself doing crafts and little projects constantly.)  Also, I thought, I hardly ever actually scrapbook anymore, this might be a more practical way to share and keep record of life events for us, the newlyweds.

And so:  I started a blog.  Not knowing what to call my blog (because heck, I STILL didn’t really know what a blog was), I settled on my name, Kayla Danelle.  Nothing fancy, but it is what it is and it is who I am, and this blog was going to be about me and my life, after all.  🙂  Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t try to come up with something witty (HA HA, I can’t come up with wit for the life of me.) and end up with something like “www.Put-down-your-book-and-do-projects-with-me-because-I’m-crafty.blogspot.com.”  Because that’s probably where I was headed.  (Thanks Jesus, for that little bit of intervention!)

All along, through 3+ years of blogging (WHAT?!  When did that much of married life go by anyway?!), I’ve stayed pretty true to blogging for me.  (And my mom and mother in law.  Hi Mom’s!  And letsbehonest, my dad too.  HI Dad, you know you read this!  And letsbehonestagain, NOT for Skyler, because you know that boy stopped reading my blogs the first year.  #bloggersworstfan.  He always tells me that if I die before him, then he’ll take the time to sit and read through my blog.  If that’s not love…. ).  Now into my 4th year of blogging, you’ll still find some crafts and projects (admittedly, not as many as before.  HEY, YOU try crafting with a 2.5 year old and a non-napping 7 month old!  It’s HARD! :)), our life adventures, photos that I want to remember but wouldn’t otherwise because I don’t scrapbook any more, recipes and anything that I might want to remember in the coming years.

I have never aimed to be a big-time blogger (and honestly don’t think I’d ever want that title.  Too much responsibility that comes with that.  No thanks, I like to blog for fun.) nor have I ever aimed to make money off my blog.  I never even knew you COULD make money from blogging.  I’ve never done (and don’t ever want to do) side bar ads, or google monetary ads or anything else that really complicates the look of my blog.  (You know I like clean and simple!)  That said, I have recently joined a company called Clever Girls Collective, which is a social media agency that “hires” bloggers to post about products, experiences, etc.  From time to time (maybe a handful of times a year), you might see one of those posts on this blog.  Like the Gevalia post.  I don’t want to post about anything and everything and bore my readers and bog my blog down with ads for companies, so I carefully select only a few opportunities to apply for – products that I’m actually interested in or already love (and it doesn’t hurt that they do pay very well for just a blog post).  So, just wanted to be open with you all about why you might be seeing some of those posts around here, every now and again.  I started this blog with it in mind to never be a sell out.  I promise that when I do post about different products, etc., I will still always be honest about it.

And as for you guys go:  thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being here with me.  I literally never thought anyone other than my family members and maybe a few friends would read this lil’ ol blog of mine.  I’m always blown away at the relationships that I have made and continue to make with my readers.  Thanks for every.single.one. of your comments that you’ve left me.  I cherish them.  (Well you know, except for those couple of mean anonymous comments.  Anonymous comments can rot in hell.)  But the rest of you, your comments are cherished.  🙂  And if I never reply back to you, or only sometimes, I apologize from the bottom of my heart.  Any of my friends can attest that I am THE WORST and replying to emails, FB messages, FB comments, TEXT MESSAGES….  Oh boy.  Even with texts, most of them don’t expect a reply within a couple days at least, if I reply at all.  (I don’t know what it is with me.  I attribute that to my worst mommy brain symptom that JUST WON’T GO AWAY!  Like I literally read something that someone wrote, and CHECK IT OFF IN MY MIND THAT I REPLIED.  Who does that?!)  Just know, it’s not you, it’s me.  I don’t reply because I think that I already did.  (Problems, I’ve got problems, man.)

So, family, friends, strangers and creeps: thanks for hanging out on my blog with me.  I love you.  🙂

P.S.  I swear I have my new blog almost ready (you know, the one I said was ready over a month ago).  I am just waiting on a couple things… I cannot wait to make the switch though and start blogging on my new platform.

P.P.S.  Just so you (maybe) believe me, here’s a sneak peak at a new picture of me that Katie Shroy Photography took of me, specifically for my blog:

I hate pictures of myself.  I always feel like a goober.
But here it is anyway, so that you believe me. 😉


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