The End of My Blogging Haitus

Oh heeeeeey!

Did ya miss me? 

It has been almost exactly one year since my blog died a terrible death.  My precious-to-me blog which I had poured more than 6 years into with memories of my marriage, my babies and our life all came crashing down last June when some horrible person sabotaged it and my hosting company took it down.

Long story short, I “lost” most of my stuff last summer when someone hacked into my blog.  It’s theoretically still around but I need my brother (who does this junk for a living) to show me how to bring it back, slowly, one by one.  So, bear with me as there are pieces of my blog around these parts and as I work to try to get it all sorted again.  And it may never fully return but I’m choosing to move forward today.

Last week, I had a group of some of my sweet friends gathered around a fire in my backyard and blogging came up.  I have to thank them for encouraging me to move out of my blog mourning stage and just start up again.  Right where I am, even if the past blog never gets recovered because all I’m doing is wasting more time that I could be blogging and preserving more memories.

And so I did.  I started that very next morning.  I started pulling design back together and even managed to import portions of my old blog over from Blogger – so you’ll find some older posts on here, jumbled and grainy (who knows why) photos and all.  I’m just glad to have some of it back.  And to be back because dang.  I sure missed y’all.  And writing.

In truth, I never did stop writing – but I took to writing excerpts on Instagram, on Facebook and even just in my head when I had a quiet moment in the shower or the car.  Honestly, this past year has been a bit wild and crazy anyway – one last pregnancy and it was a doozy of a pregnancy.  Add in about 6 other big life events and my last year was just a big ball of nuts and who knows how much blogging I could’ve gotten in if I had wanted to.  Now, well, we’ve added one more family member and he’s 2 1/2 months old and life is starting to stabilize again.  I don’t dare say “normal” because our life in this stage is never “normal” or routine, but stabilized.  However, I’ve got my early morning quiet time back again – enter blogging.

Here I am, world.  Here. I. Am.

So much more updates coming soon but for now, I just couldn’t wait any longer – I just had to say hi.

“Hi.”  Hi, old friend.  It feels good to be back.


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